Funny Facebook Conversations

5 08 2012

Okay, so if you’re not friends with me on Facebook yet, it’s time that you become one because one of the most hilarious conversations is currently taking place.  Friend me and hop in.  Click Here To Join In On The Fun

Atlantic City Electric just sent me a bill for $580.57 for the month of July. Is it just me or wasn’t the power out for half of the f***ing month?
  • Cheryl Netkin Venezia That is C crazy
  • Michael DeLuca Has to be a mistake. It was double the bill for June and power was out for half the month. If for some reason it isn’t a mistake it’s time to start looking into solar energy or some other alternative.
  • Declan Daly I had same thing in past. Sometimes power companies alternate months doing estimated vs actual. You probably got billed estimated this month in which case most of that will go to a credit. Next month when billed for actual it will be next to nothing. That being said, your face is a July.
  • Michael DeLuca So what you’re saying is that I should not call and verbally assault the the poor soul who answers the phone for the electric company?
  • Declan Daly I would make sure you got billed for estimated and not actual, which I bet is the case. Then I would verbally abuse them just for the sport of it. I find it to be very therapeutic. I will often pick a fight with my server at the Olive Garden for some conjured up reason just to relieve stress. It’s way cheaper than a deep tissue massage and can sometimes get a free meal out of it.
  • Michael DeLuca OK good, so we’re on the same page. I’m going to try hitting the gym first but if that doesn’t get out all of my current stress and anxiety, I’m coming home and ripping a customer service rep a new one.
  • Declan Daly Do it anyway. I just got off the phone after ripping the cablevision customer rep a new one. She started crying and talked about how she doesn’t deserve this, has three kids blah blah blah. I have DirectTV and don’t even have cable. I just needed a release. I feel like a million bucks now.
  • Michael DeLuca I know, it’s always about them.

Humor: Will Ryan Lochte best Michael Phelps In Rackless Post Olympic Partying

31 07 2012

Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte Olympic Swinning Sports HumorPCPSPORTS TAKE: Our money’s on Michael Phelps.

Get Off My Back – I’m Busy

31 07 2012

Busy friends family relationships, lying to avoid you.  Leave me alone!
It’s amazing how many things you can find to occupy your day just to avoid the people that piss you off the most.

Great E-Card To Get From Your Girl

31 07 2012
Funny Flirting Ecard: If there was a Zagat guide for penises, yours would rate high on both service and decor
MY lion. I love you. I am downstairs at the bar on the laptop if you care to bring yours and join me.
From: Stephanie Dambroski
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Ax Man Back! A Reunion of Sorts for JR’s Ramblings!

29 09 2009

Just when I thought YOU weren’t getting a Tuesday Ramblings, the Eagles went and made another odd move in what seems like an endless supply since last free agency started. We’ve been through them all so I won’t re-hash, but really, did you ever think Jeremiah Trotter would be back on this team in any other capacity besides, “team ambassador.” I knew you didn’t. Anyways, on to the real thing………… Read the rest of this entry »

Plaxico Found by the Sistas? Phillies Still Closer-less? It’s Ramblings Time………

25 09 2009

by John Ryan

In my busyness (editor’s note: Go back to sleep old man, you’ve got a long day of drinking and beating the shi* out of me tomorrow), I neglected to fire off a ramblings early in the week. Because of this travesty, you get a preview of the coming weekend as opposed to a recap. Off we go………

1.) The NY Daily News is Reporting Plaxico Burress is having a rough first week in prison. I gotta say this right off the bat: I think it’s hilarious. He’s a 6’6″ NFL player, and yet he is probably scared to death. While I won’t say prison is a joke, I just keep

Who was that idiot's lawyer?

Who was that idiot's lawyer?

thinking the situation is a joke. He shot himself in the leg (what irony) and he winds up getting two years in prison. Meanwhile, the following people have served less or no prison sentences: OJ Simpson, Donte Stallworth, Michael Vick, Ray Lewis. Quite a list. I wonder if he is having a rough time because in Rykers Island, the majority of the inmates are probably Jets fans, or is it because “Boggs” and the “Sistas” found him in there and want to know his sexual orientation. I guarantee you, though, two things will never happen again after this day: Plax will never catch another NFL pass, and Boggs and the Sistas will have instant street cred in prison. Is raping an NFL player (and one who’s 6’6″ for God’s sake!) the most incredible thing an inmate could do? What would be more brag worthy in the surreal world of prison? Hope I never get the answer to that trivia question the hard way……… Read the rest of this entry »

Week 1 Ramblings by JR

14 09 2009

Week 1 is always special in the NFL for reasons I’ve already written about, but here’s a bunch more reasons: These are actual events that happened at my pal Fred’s house:

Week 1 NFL: Where getting farted on by one of your buddies happens!Fart Read the rest of this entry »