It’s a Ramblings Miracle! (They’re Back!)

29 12 2008

by John Ryandon-rickles

Before we start with the last edition of Rambling’s 2008, let me first apologize for my month long hiatus. My “day job” has been busier than usual lately, and well Christmas season can get crazy in the Northeast. Anyways, away we go…….

1.) First, the shameless shout out to my alma mater, as is custom. If you haven’t already picked up on this from reading anything I’ve ever written, I attended Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Fl. The ironic part is that there’s a blossoming college with a new football stadium about to erect right in the heart of retirement country. The great part is: 1.) It’s 20 minutes from Lauderdale, 45 from South Beach (hence my sometimes used nicknames “The South Beach Guy,” The Notorious S.B.G, and “Johnny Ry the South Beach Guy) and about 3.5 hours from Key West, 2.) The women are gorgeous and there’s great variety (blondes, latins, haitians, dominicans, etc.) 3.) The school is rapidly expanding, including its athletics, and 4.) The school consists of mostly transplants from Philly, New York, and Boston leading to GREAT e-mails with friends, bitter Madden and fantasy outcomes, and enough ball breaking to fill up a dozen Don Rickles comedy shows. ANYWAYS……..They now have won 2 straight bowl games in a row, which happened to be there first 2 in their 8 year history in football (only 3 of which they were bowl eligible). Great stuff all around, especially in 2 games in which they were underdogs and the de facto road team, as they played Central Michigan in Detroit this year, and Memphis in Tennessee last year. Congrats, Owls. Read the rest of this entry »


Twas the Night Before Andy Reid

25 12 2008

By Mike Gill

Twas the day called Christmas and all through the league, people laughed and they snickered at fat Andy Reid. The stockings were hung by the chimney with care with hopes that after the Dallas game he soon won’t be there.

The offensive players were all snug in their beds, but nightmares about passing kept dancing in their heads. And Andy with his play-sheet and Marty wearing his head-set, still couldn’t figure out that running would be best.

When out at the Link there arose such a clatter, Jeffery Lurie sprang from his suite to see what was the matter.  Up to his window he flew like a flash, to make sure Andy Reid was there, including his mustache.

The moon on the breast of the new fallen snow, gave the fans reasons to think they would give the pass the heave-ho.  When, what to the fans wondering eyes should appear, but a shotgun formation and and a set of wide-outs and a tight end who have hands like reindeer. Read the rest of this entry »

Week 16 NFL Picks

20 12 2008

By Tom Peters

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. The ice storm in the Northeast left me powerless until late Wednesday night. Luckily I made my ESPN picks that week to the tune of a despicable 8 – 8. It was a good week to pick poorly because none of you could see the picks. (Losses were Tampa, Washington, KC, GB, Tennessee, Arizona, Baltimore, NYG) My record for the year is now 141 – 82 – 1.

I’m looking forward to these games, including Indy (I did pick them to win). With playoff spots on the line, this week’s games will be very competitive and hard to pick.

Let’s go.

Dallas Cowboys ( 9 – 5 ) v. Baltimore Ravens ( 9 – 5 )

You have to respect Dallas after beating the Giants last week. However, don’t be too quick to overrate them and pencil them into the playoffs. They beat a Giants team that did not have Jacobs and 2/5 of their offensive line (Boothe sucks by the way, thankfully Proctor made him look intelligent). Read the rest of this entry »

Brand Out For a Month…A Blessing?

18 12 2008

By Mike Gill

Sixers forward Elton Brand will be sidelined for a month because of a dislocated shoulder suffered in the team’s win over Milwaukee on Saturday.  Brand, who is averaging 15.9 points and 9.8 rebounds per game this season, has a fracture and tear in his right shoulder but will not need surgery.

Brand will miss at least a month for the Sixers.

Brand will miss at least a month for the Sixers.

My question for Sixers fans, is the a blessing in disguise?

The Sixers have really struggled to find a rhythm with Brand in the line-up, but this injury allows them to pretty much use the rotations and players that helped them make a run into the playoffs last season. 

You should see a lot more of Willie Greene at the two, Thaddus Young at the four and Andre Iguodala at the three, with Louis Williams getting much more consistent play off the bench.  Also rookie Marreese Speights should see more time in Brand’s absence, but where will Brand fit in once he comes back? Read the rest of this entry »

Dr. J And Alexandra Stevenson

18 12 2008

by Michael DeLuca

stevensonThis Sunday morning, Dec. 21 at 9.a.m. ESPN will be airing a heart wrenching episdode of Outside The Lines deatailing Julius Erving’s reconciliation with his 27 year old tennis superstar daughter, Alexandra Stevenson.   The story will delve into Erving’s extramarital affair that resulted in Stevenson’s birth as well as Dr. J’s longing for forgiveness so many years later.  Stevenson is not the only child fathered by Erving as a result of adultery, who was apparently slamming a lot more than basketballs while on 76ers road trips.  The following excerpt is from…

Just because the rest of the world is preoccupied with Julius Erving doesn’t mean she’s had to be. She says she has never Googled him, that she has never even heard of “The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh.” Instead, everything she’s learned about the man has come second- or eighth-hand. She first found out he was her father when she was 4, and she first started denying it when she was 5. She’d say her father died in the war or that he was a sheik in Kuwait or that his name was “Ken.” She didn’t celebrate Father’s Day, she celebrated Grandfather’s Day. On dad-daughter nights at school, she’d show up with an uncle or a neighbor. On registration forms that required a father’s name, she’d write “N/A” or “None Of Your Business!” Through the years, Dr. J wasn’t so much a secret as he was a figment of her imagination.

Until two months ago, when the phone rang …

“Executioner” Inside And Outside Of The Ring?

18 12 2008

levensby Michael DeLuca

Mixed Martial Artist Justin Levens, known as the “Executioner,” and his wife were found shot to death in an apparent murder-suicide at their condo in Laguna Niguel, California. The bodies of Levens, 28, and wife Sarah McLean-Levens, 25, were discovered by McLean-Levens’ mother. There were no signs of a struggle as both suffered single gun shots to the head. Police believe Levens is the shooter. The couple is believed to have been dead for a couple of days before the bodies were discovered. Autopsies were scheduled for today. Authorities will be conducting ballistics and residue testing. Among other MMA federations, Levens competed in UFC, where he had amassed a 7-2 record.

Suicide Pool Update: Week 15 and 16 Picks

17 12 2008

Sorry for the lack of update last week.  Here are the updated picks. Next week is the last week. If everyone stays alive a tie is going to happen.  The pot is 1,000.  This will be split as many ways as there are guys left.  If you would like a split, that option is available, as well.  You can leave a comment on the page to let me know.  There is only one week left though, so you may have a good team next week and can possibly knock some out! Good Luck as always, and congratulations for making it this far! Read the rest of this entry »