Phillies: Interest In Upton, Oswalt Holds Up Trade

21 07 2010

According to Ben Nicholson-Smith of, Roy Oswalt is using his no trade clause to attempt to leverage the Phillies into picking up his $16 million option for 2012. The Phils have balked and this is why a trade has not yet been consumated between the Phillies and Astros.

In addition, Smith says that the Phillies have discussed trading Jayson Werth to the Tampa Bay Rays requesting either BJ Upton or Wade Davis in return and refusing to take on any of Werth’s remaining $2.8 million in 2010 salary.


Phillies Looking To Move Werth

9 07 2010

Multiple sources have indicated that the Philadelphia Phillies are shopping free agent to be, right fielder Jayson Werth in the hopes of acquiring a top notch starter to round out their rotation. If such a trade were not to occur and the team were to fall out of playoff contention, expect Werth to be shopped for prospects as the trade deadline approaches. According to reports the team has already been informed that the Yankees, Red Sox and Rays all have significant interest.

Werth, 31 years old, is hauling in $7.5 million this year while batting .277 with 13 homers and 48 RBIs. He has slumped as of  late.  Any trade that would occur in the near future would be of particular interest, as it would involve two playoff hopeful clubs looking to exchange pieces.  Javier Vasquez is the name that has come up most frequently, though I don’t see that as being a likely scenario. If Werth were to be moved it would clear the path for the team’s minor league phenom Dominic Brown to move up to the big club and become an everyday player.


28 10 2008

Selig Has Failed As Commissioner Again…
by John Leon

The ridiculous way that Bud Selig and Major League baseball screwed the Phils out of a possible clinching game, just understates what we’ve all felt all along and now have realized. Bud Selig may be in the Top 5 of the worst Commissioners ever to grace the MLB stage.

The All-Star fiasco was one thing but what he did to the Phils was so blatantly absurd that it bears analyzing. The Phils were leading 2-1 in the bottom of the fifth inning, which would have made it an OFFICIAL game according to the rules. But No!!!

Enter the Undertaker Selig and his infinite twisted wisdom to allow the game to be continued in weather that even ducks wouldn’t want to be in. Bear in mind, the Phils ace Cole Hamels, was now relegated to one pitch, a fastball. This was due to the fact that his 3rd best pitch, a curve ball was not even considered and his “out” pitch, his devastating change, couldn’t be gripped properly in the slop.
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