Favre Pondering Another NFL Comeback?

30 04 2009

by John Ryan

He just couldn’t resist, could he? After retiring (again) this past winter from football, there is once again speculation (created by, of course, Favre himself) that Favre is indeed contemplating a return to the NFL.  The reason this all started is becuase Favre had his agent relay to the Jets that he insisted he be removed from their reserve/retired list.  My question is: WHY?  If your retired and plan to stay retired, why even bother?  Well, here’s where it all gets interesting.  Through a statement he released, this is what Favre had to say, “Nothing has changed. At this time I am retired and have no intention of returning to football.”  That sounds about as definitive as a weather man saying there’s a fifty percent chance of rain.  To end any speculation, he could have a.) not requested such a move (apparently weeks ago he insisted on the move) and b.) said, “I’m retired and I’m not coming back.”  But that wouldn’t be Favre’s me-first style.  He once again has gotten people who dislike him (me?) to talk about him. Truth is,. I have no problem with Favre on any kind of personal level, but I think he is as bad as a Chad Ocho Cinco.  He always wants the attention on himself, and is very much a self made martyr.


Eagles Score Big in the Draft

28 04 2009
Maclin is an explosivew play-maker

Maclin is an explosive play-maker

By Mike Gill

The Eagles off-season continues to take shape. 

First the birds finally addressed the fullback problem that has plagued them over the past few seasons.  Next, the Eagles rebuilt their offensive line by signing mauler Stacey Andrews, then traded one of their two first round picks in this years draft for pro-bowl tackle Jason Peters.

At the draft, the Eagles added speed, weapons and depth.  First speed, adding wide-out / return-man, Jeremy Maclin.  Maclin brings in another explosive pass-catcher who can take the ball the distance anytime he touches the ball.  Next they added another weapon in the running game by selecting Pittsburgh running back LeSean McCoy.  McCoy is a Westbrook-like back who can catch the ball, make people miss and give Westbrook and chance to catch a break, while not losing his style of play.  One thing that seperates McCoy from Westbrook, he is very capable of getting the short yards that have hurt the Eagles in years past.  McCoy is Pitt’s all-time leading touchdown scorer, more then Tony Dorsett, more then Larry Fitzgerald.  Finally,  Cornelius Ingram, Victor “Macho” Harris and Brandon Gibson are three players taken on the second day of the draft who can end up making an impact for the birds.  Read the rest of this entry »

Eagles Wheeling and Dealing + Draft Notes

26 04 2009

Well into Day 2 now of the draft and the Eagles still have yet to make a selection. Hold on for your hats with this explanation: The Eagles had pick #85 (3rd Round) which they traded to the New York Giants for an additional 6th rounder and their pick (#91, 3rd Round). They then traded that pick to Seattle for yet another fifth and a seventh, and a third rounder next year which is great value, unless you consider the fact that Jared Cook and Chase Coffman (both TE’s) were selected in that range of picks. Now the Eagles will own nearly 1/5 of the fifth round (six overall selections in that round) and two sixth rounders. Let’s see if they trade into the 4th round. Read the rest of this entry »

Eagles in the mix for Brady Quinn?

25 04 2009

Although it has not been reported anywhere, and this is PURE SPECULATION on my part, but the Eagles could be interested in Browns starting QB Brady Quinn. Consider the following:

1.) The Browns have a new coach
2.) They have Derek Anderson, and his ugly contract
3.) Quinn has gotten injured and still has not proved himself to be a front line starter
4.) Quinn would be ideal in Andy Reid’s West Coast Offense
5.) He would be learning under a master of QB teachers
6.) Donovan is close to being done
7.) Kevin Kolb may not be the answer.

In terms of adding depth at QB, i’m for it. The Eagles are clearly almost done with Donovan and have no clear cut favorite to replace him. AJ Feely is not the answer, and Kolb has not shown enough either way. With the Browns primed to trade him, why not the Eagles?

Quick Reaction: Eagles Select Maclin in 1st Round

25 04 2009

The lesson as always boys and girls is don’t trust strangers and don’t trust Andy Reid around the time of the draft. In a surprising move, the Eagles not only picked a WR in the 1st round, but traded up to do so. With speculation running rampant all week about Knowshon Moreno slipping to number 21, the newly hated Broncos squashed that when they made the young man pick number 13. My immediate reaction is that I like the pick, but not love the pick. I’m glad they did not select Robert Ayers, or the pick the Eagles likely leaked out earlier this week, Vontae Davis. I’m also glad they didn’t trade out of the first round (which, as luck would have it, would have made the most sense this year). In the end, the Eagles selected a top-10 talent and all the gave up was an extra sixth round pick. For the 2nd round and beyond I would like to see the following positions addressed: RB, CB, TE, S, OL, DL, and yes, QB depth.

Eagles Closing In On Tony Gonzaelez Trade!

22 04 2009

by Michael DeLuca

(UPDATE:  Gonzo was traded to the Falcons for a 2nd rounder in the 2010 draft.   Analysis:  Eagles are douchebags.  Todd Heap is the next option, he is believed to be on the block.)

I’ve been screaming it from the rooftops for nearly seven months now.  Until now, it’s been primarily rampant speculation (which as we all now, I’m quite fond of).  Today, however, came the first confirmation that the Philadelphia Eagles are not only active participants in the Tony Gonzalez sweepstakes but may, in fact, be the frontrunners for his services.  Don Banks of SI.com says, “it sounds as if the Eagles might have nosed ahead of the Falcons as the most likely trade partner. Philly is thought to be willing to give up a third-rounder for Gonzalez. But Kansas City is seeking at least a second-round pick for a player it considers a future Hall of Famer, and may not be willing to bear the brunt of any criticism that could come if it’s perceived to have given away Gonzalez too cheaply.”

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if it comes down to having to give up our second round pick….DO IT!  This would be the move that would bring us that much closer to the championship.  This is, in fact, the type of  “playmaker” Donovan McNabb has been asking for, and this is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, our biggest need position.

I have maintained, and still maintain, that I believe the Eagles will get this deal done.  In the end, the Eagles will probably not bend on giving up the second round pick, but will add a player to the trade in order to satiate the Chief’s predilection to avoid criticism.  Though, in all honesty, I don’t think the Chief’s new GM Scott Pioli could really care less about what anybody else thinks.

Eagles Hose Top Prospect

18 04 2009

by Michael DeLucajason

Yesterday, I discussed the Eagles’ hosting of Baylor tackle Jason Smith, a highly regarded prospect projected to be off the board in the top five picks of the upcoming NFL Draft. I opined that the Eagles’ simply used Smith to leverage the Bills into finalizing a deal for Jason Peters. And, as pointed out by Mike Florio of profootballtalk.com, as Smith was visiting with the Eagles, he himself learned that the team had completed said trade and no longer had a need for a left tackle.

“You hear all the right things and then 10 minutes later they say, ‘Oh yeah, we just got Jason Peters. Sorry,” Smith told Adam Schein and Jim Miller of Sirius NFL Radio on Friday. “And then they dropped me off at the wrong airline,” Smith said, laughing. “The great thing is, I understand that it’s all business.”

I didn’t hear the interview myself but I’m willing to bet that last line was simply the obligatory “I understand that it’s all business” and deep down Smith is probably seething in regards to the Birds’ doublespeak and what he perceives as a purposeless visit to the City of Brotherly Love. But, before getting too worked up, Smith would be wise to realize that the Buffalo Bills just created a need for a left tackle and just acquired the ammuntion to move up and get a player like….say…..Jason Smith!