Week 1 Ramblings by JR

14 09 2009

Week 1 is always special in the NFL for reasons I’ve already written about, but here’s a bunch more reasons: These are actual events that happened at my pal Fred’s house:

Week 1 NFL: Where getting farted on by one of your buddies happens!Fart Read the rest of this entry »


A Fantasy Ramblings For All!

31 08 2009

by John Ryan

Since the last timfacebook_momse I rambled (a mere 4 days ago for you spoiled readers, you) two major events have happened: 1.) My annual BIG fantasy football draft happened and 2.) I opened a facebook account. I know, I know, that seems like a lot for one week. But have no fear, I have plenty of energy and close to 1,000 words in me for this edition of “JR’s Ramblings.” Away we go……. Read the rest of this entry »

2009 Ultimate Fantasy Football ADP

31 08 2009

by Michael DeLuca

Back by popular demand, the 2009 Ultimate Fantasy Football ADP! Once again, I’m baffled that the average draft positions can vary so greatly from one site to another.  With a sample size of 10,000 plus drafts there really should be more consistency. I did realize one reason for the discrepancy though; On several of the mock draft sites, they have their own suggestions for your next pick. This greatly influences who is drafted and in what order. In addition, if a player leaves the draft, many of these sites will auto pick, which will simply go straight by their rankings.  This is why a compilation of these many adp’s is so important. In other words, you’re welcome. :-)

In putting together this year’s Ultimate ADP, I decided to create the spreadsheet that combines the results from the top 4 fantasy football adp sites; myfantasyleague.com, antsports.com, ESPN, Sportsline.  Here are the results… Read the rest of this entry »

Fantasy Football: WR Poll

20 08 2009

So I’m taking a look over some fantasy football mags and starting to evaluate how my team might shape up. I’ve got the #2 pick in the draft and will be selecting either Adrian Peterson or Maurice Jones Drew (barring injury of course). My next selection will be at #23, where I’m thinking I should go receiver. Problem is, there are 6 guys that should be available and I’m having a very difficult time ranking them. Anquan Boldin, Steve Smith, Roddy White, Greg Jennings, Wes Welker, and Marques Colston. So, I’ll post a poll, let me know who you think the best selection from this bunch is and please feel free to follow up with comments on your selection and your complete #1through #6 rankings.

Fantasy Football: The First Round!

5 07 2009

by Michael DeLuca

With less than two months until the start of the 2009 NFL season, it’s about that time to start looking forward to your fantasy football drafts. The magazine stands are packed with fantasy football mags and I’ve assembled a composite first round for a 12 team league from some of the more reputable sources. These results in no way reflect may personal opinions of where to draft players, I’ll provide my thoughts for each selection.

1. Adrian Peterson – RB, Minnesota Vikings – Peterson is pretty much the consensus #1 and rightfully so. Capable of putting up a 2000 yard season and 20 td’s. If your drafting #1, don’t overthink it, AP’s your man.

2. Maurice Jones Drew – RB, Jacksonville Jaguars – Fantasy owners are salivating over55738965 the chance to own Jones Drew now that Fred Taylor is no longer in town. After the team handed Jones Drew a 5 year $31 million deal, coach Jack Del Rio said, “We want Maurice on the field more often. We believe he’s a feature guy and it’s his time. We’re excited about that. I’m very confident this is the type of young man that will go out and continue to display the things that have made him so popular to begin with. He’s gonna get plenty of work. We’re excited about getting him the ball more often.” It sure sounds like a recipe for success.

3. Michael Turner – RB, Atlanta Falcons – Michael “The Burner” Turner was quite simply a beast last year. 1699 rushing yards and 17 touchdowns are the type of stats that fantasy championships are made of. There’s talk in Atlanta that they’d like to lighten his load and get Jerious Norwood more involved in the offense but we’ve been hearing that for years. Don’t believe the hype, Turner will get his share of carries and td’s and will warrant a high selection on draft day. The offseason acquisition of TE Tony Gonzalez will only increase Turner’s value as teams will be less inclined to stack the box. Read the rest of this entry »

Fantasy Football Conundrums

8 11 2008

By Tom Peters

The GOP Conundrum

The GOP Conundrum

I need some help from my loyal readers out there. Many of you play fantasy football and you are very knowledgeable on my football topics. So here is my situation:

I am in a fantasy football league in which we only get points for touchdowns scored. The longer the TD, the more points you earn. The bye weeks this week are killing me and I’m having a hard time in deciding who to start. Please tell, who should I start in these situations:

QB: Eli Manning (v. Eagles) or Matt Ryan (v. Saints)

TE: Dallas Clark (v. Steelers) or Donald Lee (v. Vikings)

D/ST: Houston (v. Baltimore) or Minnesota (v. Green Bay)

Thank you for your help.


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NFL: Waiver Wire Wonders

16 10 2008

by Michael DeLuca

Fantasy Leagues are won and lost with waiver wire pick ups. Sure the draft is of importance, but picking up a stud rb or superstar wideout that would have been worthy of an early round pick can make all the difference in the world. For example, in 2007, Derek Anderson, Ryan Grant, Earnest Graham, and Roddy White were universally picked up off the waiver wire. In 2006, Marion Barber, Selvin Young, and Marques Colston led many teams to victory. So who are the waiver wire wonders for 2008? Here are your best options for week 7 of the NFL season: Read the rest of this entry »