Atrocious Attire

12 08 2008

by Kevin Collins

Last time we took a gander at the best dressed teams in sports.  Today, we are taking the opposite route.  These are the uniforms that must have been designed by Todd Pinkston when he had the sun in his eyes.  I don’t know what these teams could have possibly been thinking when they thought up some of these threads.  I really want to meet the men and women who OK’ed these uniforms at the team meetings and actually thought they were good ideas.

Sure teams want to get as many unique uniforms out there as possible.  Why? – so fans like you and me will go out and purchase these authentic, or replica jerseys to show our support for our favorite team.  In reality, its all about turning a profit.  If a  franchise can throw out a new uniform every three years, whether it be sharp or hideous, they will give it the okay, in hopes of fans buying more and more merchandise, thickening the teams’ executives’ already padded pockets.  Let’s begin.

Let me warn you.  The images you are about to see are not for the faint of heart.  If graphic images scare you, then look away and stop reading this entry.  Some of these uniforms are so awful, I can not actually rank which are worse than the others.  So instead of a top ten, I have just singled out the most awful, leaving the others unranked.  Here we go…
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Nowhere to go but up for the Dolphins in ’08.

5 08 2008
Can Bill Parcells save the Dolphins?

Can Bill Parcells save the Dolphins?

“The kicking was a strength and that’s about it,” said Kevin Rogers of 790 The Ticket in Miami during a radio interview on “The Mike Gill Show” on ESPN Radio 1450, Atlantic City.

When that’s the first thing you can comment on when looking for positives in a football season, you know you have a long way to go. 

 Miami was awarded an expansion team back in 1965 and has been on of the better franchises along the way.  However, in 2007, the Dolphins resembled their 1965 expansion team much more than the competitive team they have been in the great history, finishing with a pathetic 1-15 mark and finding little positives along the way. Read the rest of this entry »