Eagles To Watch in Preseason Game #2

16 08 2012


A few things stood out in the Eagles first preseason game. For one, they don’t look ready for the real games to start. For two, they have some players that they probably need to let go of that they did not envision letting go of because of production, numbers or their place in their respective careers. On the same token, some guys need to be kept on the roster that they may have figured would be goners. Let’s start with who may be the goners :





1.) Jai Jarrett : Jarrett has done nothing since the day he was drafted to justify his foolish 2nd round selection. When Howie Roseman talks about guys that he has reached on in the past to pick for need, he’s looking at you, Jai. I think he gets cut. His preseason game one performance was dreadful.


2.) Darryl Tapp : Tapp has been a serviceable rotation player for the Birds, however he simply doesn’t have a home on this team because of a numbers game unless the Eagles keep an extra defensive lineman. I will touch on the “numbers” guy who takes his place in the “keepers” place.


3.) Chad Hall : Admittedly, I’ve never been Chad’s biggest fan. However, he’s had a very productive camp by all accounts and has caught everything they’ve thrown his way. The problem, again, is a numbers driven problem. DJax, Maclin, Avant are rock solids. Riley Cooper is near certain despite his injury (although, I speculate that his leash is getting shorter. He needs to have a good year to keep his job.) Not to mention what youngsters are lurking and may be more multifaceted than Hall.


4.) Trent Edwards : I liked he Trent Edwards signing. I thought he could challenge Kafka second string reps. Now, Nick Foles appears to be the front runner for the #2 QB spot and Kafka will probably be kept around because of his draft pick status.


5.) Chas Henry : McBriar has simply out booted the young fella.he will catch on with another team, guaranteed.


6.) Chris Polk : All of the hype aside, Bryce Brown has simply outplayed Polk. Again, I think Polk has a home with another NFL team, juts not here unless Andy uses what would have been a spot he gave to a FB in the past. Perhaps Polk and Chad Hall are fighting for that last spot?





1.) Phillip Hunt :

This guy never stops “going” to use a defensive coordinator term. His motor is non stop (another defensive coordinator term) and he deserves a spot on the roster. I think he sticks. Tapp may have to be traded or cut to accommodate, unless Mike Patterson open on the PUP and the Eagles keep that extra D-lineman.


2.) Damaris Johnson : The guy is lightning fast and he adds an element to the team that has been missing for years : a return threat. Has it really been since Brian Mitchell that we have had a consistent return guy on this team? (I don’t count Westbrook and Jackson because they weren’t really full time return guys for any prolonged period of time.)


3.) Mat McBriar : Chas Henry has really had a nice camp, and it would be a shame to waste a pick on a punter, however McBriar was an elite punter and looks to be at that level once again.


As a post script, Clay Harbor and Joselio Hanson have looked very good in camp and seemed to have solidified their spot on the depth chart, not necessarily their roster spot.


Philadelphia Eagle’s Head Coach Andy Reid’s Son, Garrett Reid, Found Dead

5 08 2012

Andy Reid’s Son Garrett Found Dead

Mike-Gill1 By: Mike Gill  |  1 hour ago

Carolina Panthers v Philadelphia Eagles

Is Andy Reid under pressure in Philly? (Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images)

Andy Reid’s oldest son, Garrett, was found dead in his dorm room at 7:20 a.m. this morning in Lehigh.  Reid has a history of drug issues, starting with a January, 2007 arrest for crashing his car while high on heroin.

The Eagles held Sunday morning’s practice, but Andy Reid wasn’t present. Eagles general manager Howie Roseman told reporters that Reid asked the team to go forward with training camp.

Garrett Reid

Garrett Reid

 Edward Schupp, Chief of Police at Lehigh, said a 911 call was made at 7:20 a.m. Schupp said Garrett Reid was deceased upon a policeman’s arrival at the campus dormitory. Schupp added “there were no suspicious activities.”

Players gathered for a team prayer before the walk-through began, and were told not to speak to reporters afterward.

Garrett Reid had been assisting the Eagles’ strength coaches at training camp.

Garrett Reid was sentenced to two years in a state drug rehabilitation program in July 2008 after being caught with 89 prescription pills inside his rectum at the Montgomery County Prison. He was in the county prison on charges related to a January 2007 car crash that seriously injured a woman.

In November, 2007, Garrett Reid, who was then 24 years old, was sentenced to 23 months in prison for smashing up another motorist’s car while he was high on heroin. His younger brother Britt got 22 months plus probation.

Andy Reid had taken a five-week leave of absence form the team in February, 2007 to deal with his family’s crisis.

At the time of his sentencing, Garrett Reid said, “I don’t want to be that kid who was the son of the head coach of the Eagles, who was spoiled and on drugs and OD’d and just faded into oblivion.”


The Philadelphia Eagles are sad to announce that Garrett Reid, the oldest son of head coach Andy Reid, has died. Garrett Reid, 29, had been attending Eagles training camp with his father and was found in his room this morning. Offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg and defensive coordinator Juan Castillo oversaw the team’s walk-through this morning, and will oversee the team until Reid’s return.

“This news is heartbreaking for everyone in the Eagles family. Our hearts go out to Andy, his wife, Tammy, and their children,” said Eagles Chairman/CEO Jeffrey Lurie.

The team will share further updates as information becomes available.

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.

Vick Expresses Disappointment Over Rash Of Offseason Player Arrests

4 08 2012

 by Clark Judge

Michael Vick has been vocal about the negative impact on the NFL of player arrests. (US Presswire)
Michael Vick has been vocal about the negative impact on the NFL of player arrests. (US Presswire)


BETHLEHEM, Pa. — It’s not just NFL commissioner Roger Goodell who’s fed up with player arrests. It’s the players themselves, and if you don’t believe me you weren’t listening to the New York Giants’ Osi Umenyiora last month or Philadelphia Eagles’ Michael Vick this week.

I was. I sat down with Vick after Friday’s walkthrough and sought his perspective on an epidemic of lawbreaking across the league, and I sought it because Vick’s perspective is unique: Not only did he break the law; he’s a convicted felon who spent 19 months in federal prison for running a dog-fighting ring.

I make no apologies for what Michael Vick did, but I will say this: He was punished, and, since returning to the league with the Philadelphia Eagles, he’s been a symbol of redemption — both on and off the field. He is personable, he is accountable and he is responsible, often making speeches to inner-city children on how not to be like Mike … which is why I wanted to hear what he had to say about the NFL and police blotters. Read the rest of this entry »

Don Smolenski Takes Over For Joe Banner As Philadelphia Eagles President

7 06 2012
Long-time Eagles president Banner is out in Philly. (US Presswire)

There have been subtle winds of front-office change for the Eagles all offseason and on early Thursday a storm blew in, as owner Jeffrey Lurie said that Joe Banner is out as team president.

The Eagles announced the move early Thursday morning, calling the decision to remove Banner and install Don Smolenski in what they’re calling a “front-office succession plan.” Lurie told the Philadephia Inquirer that Banner is “a free agent now,” but he’s remaining with the Eagles in the capacity of “Strategic Advisor to the Owner.” Read the rest of this entry »

Mychal Kendricks Looks Like a Starter For Philadelphia Eagles

26 05 2012

by Kevin Noonan

Rookie linebacker Mychal Kendricks looked good at strong-side linebacker and should end up as the starter there. Granted, there wasn’t any live hitting (in the minnicamp), which makes it difficult to evaluate a defensive player, especially a rookie defensive player. But he looked comfortable and confident in pass coverage and that’s why the Philadelphia Eagles drafted him in the second round.

Fletcher Cox Drafted By Philadelphia Eagles

27 04 2012

The Philadelphia Eagles traded up from number# 15 to #12 in the first round of the NFL Draft to select Mississippit State defensive tackle Fletcher Cox.  Here is Geoff Mosher’s take from the Sporting News:

How he fits: Cox, who left Mississippi State after his junior season, is considered the draft’s best gap-shooting, penetrating defensive tackle — the ideal three-technique player for the Eagles’ wide-nine scheme. In the wide nine, down linemen are required to attack quarterbacks full throttle instead of reading and reacting like most linemen do in 4-3 schemes. Cox, who is 6-4, 298 pounds, ran the 40-yard dash in 4.79 seconds at the Combine. The Eagles think he can move outside and rush the passer from the end position. The only knock on Cox is that he could afford to get bigger and that he suddenly surged in his junior year.

When he’ll play: The Eagles have experienced, effective starters in veterans Mike Patterson and Cullen Jenkins, but DL coach Jim Washburn likes to rotate all of his linemen. Cox can start off in the rotation, entering in sub packages and nickel schemes, while he grasps and understands the team’s unique wide-nine scheme, especially the unconventional run responsibilities. He’s probably a year or two away from becoming a three-down lineman. Eventually, the Eagles hope he can develop into one of the game’s premier interior pass rushers.


Fletcher Cox drafted by Philadelphia Eagles at NFL Draft 2012

“He’s just going to jump right into the rotation we got and start playing. Working him in with the rotation — you know how we rotate, roll them in every four plays — will be a good way to break him into it. It will be fun. There’s pressure on the 12th pick in the draft anyway, but this will be a way to ease him in.” — Jim Washburn, Eagles DL coach Read the rest of this entry »

Broncos Tried To Acquire Philadelphia Eagles CB Asante Samuel

20 04 2012

By Mike Klis / The Denver Post

After the likes of Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers taught them in 2011 that an NFL team can’t have enough quality cornerbacks, the Broncos have expressed interest in acquiring Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Asante Samuel, according to two NFL sources.

However, the Broncos no longer believe they can strike a deal, even though trade talks advanced to the stage where the team presented two proposals — one for a late-round draft pick and the other involving a player.

It is well known the Eagles have been trying to deal Samuel, a four-time Pro Bowler, before the NFL draft begins Thursday. Several other teams also have been in talks with the Eagles in recent days about Samuel. Read the rest of this entry »