Ranking The College Football Helmets

3 09 2008

There are so many great college helmets to choose from across the nation.

There are so many great college helmets to choose from across the nation.

by Michael Gill

With the college football season right around the corner, I figured now would be a perfect time to send a little chill down your spine by putting on display the top seven college football helmets.  Sure you might like the Sunday game better, but the NFL has nothing on the NCAA when it comes to dressing it’s players.  When it comes to helmets, just take a look at the map and find your favorites, here are mine :

7. Southern Cal Trojans – As you’ll notice throughout my picks here, I like the classics.  Give me a helmet and a logo and stick with it and since 1972 the Trojans have.


6. Notre Dame Fighting Irish – The Irish still have it right, keep it simple stupid.  While I am not a Notre Dame fan, I can respect that the helmet has remained the same and that’s the name of the game.


5. West Virginia Mountaineers – The Old Gold and Blue with the flying WV is a perfect look for the Big East’s best.  The haven’t touched the design since Don Nehlen came up with it back in 1980.


4. Michigan Wolverines – This may be the most popular, but its not the best.  And as you have seen I like the blue and gold (maize and blue) color scheme.

3.  Nebraska Cornhuskers – The Huskers got it right, they went with just a simple “N” nothing fancy, and a red stripe down the middle.  If they have had the same helmet since 1982, but really have kept the same scheme since 1970. 


2. Alabama Crimson Tide – The Crimson dome with the simple number on the side is another classic look that really hasn’t been duplicated and I cant figure out why (Syracuse did it a few years ago (here) and it looked awesome, then they went back to the “S”).  If every high school and small college team replicates Michigan’s helmet, why not try to pull of this stunner.


One of a kind

One of a kind

1. Penn State – The Classic.  Simply put, the Nits have the perfect look, classic white, with just a simple blue stripe down the middle.  I love the whole uniform, and the helmet gets the top spot on the list.




8 responses

13 08 2008
Kevin Collins

as much as I hate florida state, i do like the classic spear-helmet.

13 08 2008

While my college has piss poor “hats” I’d like to throw the Texas Longhorns in the mix, as well as Oklahoma. Hate both teams, but both are classic.

For a “new school” try on the Oregon Ducks or Oregon State Beavers for size. Great helmets.

3 09 2008

Cool list, I like the PSU one as well. Your right the Bama helmets are cool and ya dont see them anywhere else.

I also like the Army and Navy helmets

21 03 2009

First time visitor … great site and article … I hope to return.

15 04 2009
How to Get Six Pack Fast

Not that I’m impressed a lot, but this is more than I expected for when I found a link on Delicious telling that the info is awesome. Thanks.

22 07 2009

what the #$$@^!$!@ You pick a white helmet with a blue line as number one, ’cause you like simple, over a helmet with real gold, just gold and nothing but gold, wrong, very wrong, notre dame players, no matter how bad, (and I am a fan) can at least always send in their helmets to cash for gold, if they don’t make the nfl
FYI I also loved the camouflage helmet army wore in last years army navy game, the coolest helmet ever,

22 04 2010

My favorite is BYU. Simple, classic. Beautiful. Funny story: I was in Vegas a couple weeks ago wearing a BYU shirt and man approached us asking for money for a cab. He said ‘Hey, you’re a Yankees fan!’ I said .. ‘No.’ You tell me, does it look like a Yankees logo?

7 05 2012
Joe 12-Pack

You’d like my high school helmet. They were gold with purple numbers on the side like Alabama and a single purple stripe.

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