NCAA Football 2011 – EA Sports – Adviser

18 11 2010

I’ve become addicted to NCAA Football 2011. So much so that I have barely played Madden this year! I have a question and would like to know if one of our readers knows the answer… Is there any way of knowing when a player will have an adviser during the recruiting period prior to choosing how much time you will dedicate to the call? Thank you for your replies!


Eagles in the doghouse: Another Ramblings!

17 08 2009


by John Ryan

In “Major League 2″ when “Lou Brown” is trying to stir up the troops he says, “We win today and that’s a win. We win tomorrow, that’s two in a row. That’s called a winning streak. It has happened before with you guys.” Well, two weeks and two ramblings for my half-dozen to dozen loyal readers. Read the rest of this entry »

Madden NFL 09 Predictions: NFC

18 08 2008

by Kevin Collins

“The most accurate football simulation ever.”  This is what the new NFL Madden 09 video game boasts.  I figured, if this is the case, why not preview the entire NFL season simply through Madden.  The skeptic may think, “well Kevin, Brett Favre is on the Packers, not the Jets in Madden 09 amongst other roster flaws, how is this accurate?”  Well let me tell you, at the time simulation, the rosters were downloaded straight from EA Sports most recent update.  They are as accurate as possible.

As seen above, this is the first part in a 3 part series of entries.  Today I will preview the NFC.  One of the great things about Madden is that it calculates MVPs, Pro-Bowlers, etc.  These too will all be listed in this and the upcoming articles.

Before we start, let me just reassure the reader I did absolutely nothing to interfere with the outcomes of games, trades, etc.  I simply pressed the “sim entire season” button.  Here’s how the NFC stacked up…

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An Oldie Still Reigns Supreme Amongst Video Games

14 08 2008

When looking back at my youth (I was born in 1982, so my “youth” encompassed the 1990’s blow up of video games, computer games, virtual reality, etc.) I realize I was born into a great generation.  On a cold Saturday afternoon in March, what would I do if it were snowing and it was too cold to play outside in 1952?  How about if it was 1979 and it was a real scorcher outside, and even cut-offs couldn’t help me beat the hot streets of South Jersey?  Good thing I was born into the internet age! There is a myriad of things to do now when i’m bored, indifferent, or want to kill time.  There are games online, gambling, porn, fantasy sports, shopping, and sports statistics.  Now, with my playstation 3, I can even play my video games online.  Yes, i’m a 26 year old male who has no problem talking trash to an 11 year old in Iowa.  Not a qualm.  Read the rest of this entry »

A Tradition Like No Other

12 08 2008

Let’s play a guessing game on the importance of today’s date.  Here are your clues:

1.) It happens once a year in early to mid August. 

2.) It involves a couch, a controller, and presumably a lot of food.

3.) Lots of bosses in America are probably not happy, and are zeroed in on this date and have been since around 2000. 

4.) There is an icon involved, at least for sports nerds. Give up?  It’s the annual release of EA Sport’s John Madden Football video game! What started conceptually in 1989 for a then infant company has grown in drastic and somewhat ridiculous proportions.  The release of the John Madden football game is that big, ladies and gentlemen. Here are some of the details, for any and all interested: Read the rest of this entry »