The Duke’s Picks – NFL Week 10

13 11 2011


CINCINNATI BENGALS +4 Pittsburgh Steelers

Denver Broncos +3.5 KANSAS CITY CHIEFS

Buffalo Bills +5.5 DALLAS COWBOYS

TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS +3.5 Houston Texans

Tennessee Titans +3.5 CAROLINA PANTHERS

ATLANTA FALCONS even New Orleans Saints

CLEVELAND BROWNS -2.5 St. Louis Rams

PHILADELPHIA EAGLES -12 Arizona Cardinals


SEATTLE SEAHAWKS +7.5 Baltimore Ravens

Detroit Lions +3 CHICAGO BEARS

SAN FRANCISCO 49ers -3 NY Giants


NEW YORK JETS even New England Patriots


Feeley to Carolina

14 09 2009

Just posted on Twitter by ESPN’s Adam Schefter, “Just filed to ESPN: Carolina has a new QB on its roster – A.J. Feeley. He’s got Carolina on his mind.”

Julius Peppers to the Eagles?

30 03 2009

by Michael DeLuca

Darin Gantt has made the argument the Philadelphia Eagles might be a likely landing spot for Julius Peppers of the Carolina Panthers in an article at His main arguments are the Eagles $30 million in cap space along with their affinity for big name pass rushing ends (Kearse, Douglas, Howard).

It’s always exciting to hear your team in the mix when it comes to a big time trade but I’m not sure this is in the Eagles best interest. DE is hardly a need position, Peppers has already stated he’d like to play in a 3-4, and I feel our plethora of picks could be dealt more wisely. As I’ve mentioned in the past I’d love to see a move up to the #6 spot, currently held by the Cincinnati Bengals, to grab Texas Tech stud receiver Michael Crabtree or a trade to land Kansas City’s TE Tony Gonzalez, who has recently reiterated his desire for a trade. Thoughts?

Madden NFL 09 Predictions: NFC

18 08 2008

by Kevin Collins

“The most accurate football simulation ever.”  This is what the new NFL Madden 09 video game boasts.  I figured, if this is the case, why not preview the entire NFL season simply through Madden.  The skeptic may think, “well Kevin, Brett Favre is on the Packers, not the Jets in Madden 09 amongst other roster flaws, how is this accurate?”  Well let me tell you, at the time simulation, the rosters were downloaded straight from EA Sports most recent update.  They are as accurate as possible.

As seen above, this is the first part in a 3 part series of entries.  Today I will preview the NFC.  One of the great things about Madden is that it calculates MVPs, Pro-Bowlers, etc.  These too will all be listed in this and the upcoming articles.

Before we start, let me just reassure the reader I did absolutely nothing to interfere with the outcomes of games, trades, etc.  I simply pressed the “sim entire season” button.  Here’s how the NFC stacked up…

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An early view of the NFC playoffs

3 08 2008

While the AFC might have the top teams in the NFL, the race for the six spots in the NFC playoffs could be more exciting than the Roger Federer vs. Rafael Nadal final Wimbledon match.

The NFC could play out just like the NBA’s Eastern Conference, with the Dallas Cowboys playing the role of the Boston Celtics and a bunch of other teams vying for spots two-through-six. Other than Dallas, there really isn’t a clear-cut favorite in the NFC, with the Brett Favre circus in Green Bay who knows what to predict for the Packers. The defending champion Giants didn’t really overly-impress during the 2007 regular season and it wouldn’t be a complete shock if they suffered from a “Super Bowl hangover.” In Seattle, the Seahawks should be the favorite in the NFC West, but I wouldn’t say they are the class of the Conference. Read the rest of this entry »