Philadelphia Eagles: New WR Options!

31 08 2008

by Michael DeLuca

After team’s were forced to cut their rosters to 53 men on Saturday, August 30th, a few nice new wide receiver options have opened up for the injury plagued Philadelphia Eagles.  While the team will tell you they’re not in the market, it is widely assumed they will be adding another target for quarterback Donovan McNabb before the start of the season.  Let me know what you think of the following options… Read the rest of this entry »


Phillies Cut Ties with Kris Benson

30 08 2008
Anna Benson provided the only ASSet to the Kris Benson signing

Anna Benson provided the only ASSet to the Kris Benson signing

By John Ryan

On Saturday afternoon, the Phillies officially cut ties with SP Kris Benson.

The move represents a waving of the white flag from the Phillies perspective who basically used a combination of the Pedro Feliz signing and the Kris Benson signing as reasoning for not bringing back all-star Kyle Lohse.

Benson sported a 1-6 record with a 5.78 ERA in stints with the Lehigh-Valley Iron Pigs, the Clearwater Threshers, and the Reading Phillies. While Benson did have an impressive stretch in AAA where he gave up just 9 ER’s in 33 IP, his 5.78 ERA ultimately doomed him, as well as his disastrous last start on August 27 where he pitched just 4 innings and gave up 6 ER’s.

With the trade for Joe Blanton and the emergence of J.A. Happ as an impact call-up from AAA, Benson was deemed expendable. Benson himself admited he probably wasn’t going to be ready for the 2008 season, and also stated he didn’t see himself pitching past 6-7 innings per outing. Read the rest of this entry »

College vs. NFL – Which is better?

30 08 2008


Today is the start of the college football season and Thursday night the NFL will kick-off.  Both games are flat out great, the NFL has more of a national following, but the college game has deep roots in so many areas of anywhere USA.  Lets take a look at which game is better :

Tailgating: When it comes to getting ready for the game, the College game is at the pro level and the NFL is amateur hour.  Many NFL fans say that it’s just college kids getting to the game at 8am for a 6pm start – that’s not true.  Grown men and women flock to their favorite campus on Thursday’s many times parking their Winnebago’s or truck outside the stadium preparing for a long tailgate weekend, not just a few hours before kick-off like their NFL counter-parts. Advantage – College

Atmosphere : The NFL stadiums are getting bigger and the concourses may be better, but inside the stadium, the noise at a college game can’t be matched.  While the NFL has 65,000 seat stadium, college stadiums can hold sometimes anywhere from 90,000 to 110,000.  The band, the students, the mascots – Read the rest of this entry »

Good Riddance Pat Gillick

29 08 2008

By John Leon

Once again the Phillies shoot themselves in the foot. They acquired Matt Stairs for a prospect and correct me if I’m wrong but don’t they need some arms? Now, Stairs is a professional hitter and make no mistake about that, but once again “Stand Pat” didn’t address what the Phils actually needed. All he is, is another Russell Branyan.

They got a hitter that fits perfectly into the mold of what they already have, a home run threat that strikes out a lot, has little or no speed, is left handed and plays 3 positions, outfield, first base and pinch hitter. Do you think that maybe they could have acquired a speedy player that might help create some runs, instead of getting another one of what they already have? Read the rest of this entry »

Phillies Add Stairs from Blue Jays

29 08 2008

By Mike Gill

According to Ken Rosenthal of, the Phillies have acquired left-handed hitter Matt Stairs, formally of the Toronto Blue Jays. 

PCPSports Take: The Phillies get a decent left-handed bat that will replace Geoff Jenkins and take some at-bats from Jason Werth against right-handed pitching.  He does have some pop, he is not the type of contact hitter the Phillies need right now. 

He has 87 strikeouts in 320 at-bats, thus far and is 40 years old.  He did have a real nice 2007 season, hitting .289 with 21 home runs and 64 RBI for the Jays.  He has been used primarily as a DH this season, but has been used as a LF, RF and 1B in the past.  Look for his impact to minimal at best – thumbs down to this move.

One Man’s Trash – The All Rule 5 Team

28 08 2008

by Michael DeLuca

Each December, at the annual Winter Meetings, the Rule 5 Draft occurs.  Without going into any great detail (so as not to bore your pants off), the concept behind the Rule 5 Draft is that if a team values a player that is languishing in another organization’s minor league system, enough that they feel he warrants a spot on their active 25 man roster, they may select that player. Once a team selects a player in the Rule 5 Draft he must remain on that team’s 25-man major league roster for the entire season and may not be optioned or designated to the minors. The selecting team may, at any time, waive the Rule 5 draftee. The draftee can also be traded, but his new team must abide by the same rules, keeping the player on their active 25 man roster for the entire season. Lower level minor leaguers can be selected, so long as they are promoted to the next level andremain there. The basic reasons behind this draft are to keep teams from stockpiling young talent in the minors and to ensure that players worthy of competing at the Major League Level can do so. Read the rest of this entry »

Post Season Awards – Version 1

28 08 2008

The Post Season Awards with a month to go
by John Leon

It’s the end of August and as the pennant races are in full boil, it’s time to throw my 2 cents worth in for the post-season awards as they stand right now. There’s still a month to go, but the candidates look pretty locked up and there are always wild cards, so here we go. Read the rest of this entry »