The Duke’s Picks – NFL Week 10

13 11 2011


CINCINNATI BENGALS +4 Pittsburgh Steelers

Denver Broncos +3.5 KANSAS CITY CHIEFS

Buffalo Bills +5.5 DALLAS COWBOYS

TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS +3.5 Houston Texans

Tennessee Titans +3.5 CAROLINA PANTHERS

ATLANTA FALCONS even New Orleans Saints

CLEVELAND BROWNS -2.5 St. Louis Rams

PHILADELPHIA EAGLES -12 Arizona Cardinals


SEATTLE SEAHAWKS +7.5 Baltimore Ravens

Detroit Lions +3 CHICAGO BEARS

SAN FRANCISCO 49ers -3 NY Giants


NEW YORK JETS even New England Patriots


NFL Pre-Postseason Rumblings

4 01 2011
  • For those of you into sports betting, the early lines are out on this week’s NFL Playoffs games.  Here are my picks:
  1. PHILADELPHIA EAGLES -2.5 Green Bay Packers – These team’s met earlier this year and the Packers were the victors but these are now much different teams.  The Eagles have suffered a lot of defensive injuries but the presence of Michael Vick along with home field advantage have me rolling with the Birds.
  2. New Orleans Saints – 10.5 SEATTLE SEAHAWKS – O.K. the Seahawks limped into the playoffs at 7-9 and may very well be the worst team in NFL Playoff history.  All that aside, they were 5-3 at home and 10.5 is just too hefty a line… even if they’re up against the defending Super Bowl Champions.
  3. INDIANAPOLIS COLTS -2.5 New York Jets – Jets were my preseason AFC Champion but going into Indy while stumbling down the stretch is just too tall of a task.
  4. Baltimore Ravens -2.5 KANSAS CITY CHIEFS – Just a few weeks ago, I was ready to declare the Kansas City Chiefs my playoff sleeper team but after an embarrassing 31-10 defeat at home to the Oakland Raiders last week, I think they’re still a bit away.  Meanwhile, the Baltimore Ravens have been one of the more consistent teams all season long, in addition to perhaps being the most well balanced team in terms of talent in the entire playoffs.
  • A number of team’s are in need of quarterback help this coming offseason.  One name to keep an eye on is Billy Volek, who is now a free agent following the conclusion of  a three-year deal that garnered him a total of $9 million to be the Chargers’ backup quarterback.  Volek has long been considered one of the most talented backups in the league and would be an excellent short term solution for a team looking to groom a young qb.  One destination that comes to mind is Denver, where it appears Kyle Orton is destined to be traded.

Lito To The Jets

27 02 2009

Lito Sheppard, traded for a 5th round pick

Lito Sheppard, traded for a 5th round pick

By Mike Gill


The Eagles weird day has taken another twist.  Cornerback Lito Sheppard has been traded to the New York Jets for a 5th round pick in this years draft and as high as a 2nd round pick in next years draft or as low as a fourth round selection.

The Eagles already have 10 draft picks in this years draft, this makes it 11.  I cant see how this helps them or what they plan to do with an extra 4th round pick.  Lets face it, the Eagles completly blew this whole Lito situation.  This guy was a Pro Bowl corner, and the dont grow on trees, they traded him away for a 5th round pick, or a guy who has no gurantee of ever making the team.


He’s leaving on a Jet plane…

7 08 2008

It’s official, the Brett Favre-Green Bay saga is in the books, and by some miracle or grace of god the New York Jets managed to pull off the biggest trade in the history of the franchise.  The terms of the deal are still up in the air as the unconditional draft pick the Packers will receive will depend upon how many snaps Favre plays for the Green and White and whether or not the team makes the playoffs or dare I say…the Super Bowl.

I think the real issue here is how Brett will be received in the Big Apple.  He’ll learn quickly that he’s not in Kansas…I mean Green Bay anymore.  Playing in New York is a completely different animal then playing anywhere else in the country with the exception of maybe Philadelphia.  If he throws half as many interceptions as he did with the Packers in his career he’ll get booed out of the Meadowlands so fast his head will spin.  This is without a doubt uncharted waters for Favre and it will be very interesting to see how he reacts and performs under the intense New York spotlight.

On the other side of the coin it is a groundbreaking move for the Jets.  Considering that they have always played second fiddle to the Giants and that they have to play all of their home games in GIANTS Stadium, this move finally creates some buzz for the Green and White.  Granted, this move doesn’t make them a Super Bowl favorite or even a favorite in the ultra-competitive AFC East, however it does give them something to latch on to for the upcoming season and it is an ENORMOUS step up from their current quarterback situation.  

All-in-all, it is going to be an interesting season for the Green and White, and as a Jets fan myself I can’t wait to see number 4 under center for the J-E-T-S come September 4th.