The Duke’s Picks – NFL Week 10

13 11 2011


CINCINNATI BENGALS +4 Pittsburgh Steelers

Denver Broncos +3.5 KANSAS CITY CHIEFS

Buffalo Bills +5.5 DALLAS COWBOYS

TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS +3.5 Houston Texans

Tennessee Titans +3.5 CAROLINA PANTHERS

ATLANTA FALCONS even New Orleans Saints

CLEVELAND BROWNS -2.5 St. Louis Rams

PHILADELPHIA EAGLES -12 Arizona Cardinals


SEATTLE SEAHAWKS +7.5 Baltimore Ravens

Detroit Lions +3 CHICAGO BEARS

SAN FRANCISCO 49ers -3 NY Giants


NEW YORK JETS even New England Patriots


Madden NFL 09 Predictions: NFC

18 08 2008

by Kevin Collins

“The most accurate football simulation ever.”  This is what the new NFL Madden 09 video game boasts.  I figured, if this is the case, why not preview the entire NFL season simply through Madden.  The skeptic may think, “well Kevin, Brett Favre is on the Packers, not the Jets in Madden 09 amongst other roster flaws, how is this accurate?”  Well let me tell you, at the time simulation, the rosters were downloaded straight from EA Sports most recent update.  They are as accurate as possible.

As seen above, this is the first part in a 3 part series of entries.  Today I will preview the NFC.  One of the great things about Madden is that it calculates MVPs, Pro-Bowlers, etc.  These too will all be listed in this and the upcoming articles.

Before we start, let me just reassure the reader I did absolutely nothing to interfere with the outcomes of games, trades, etc.  I simply pressed the “sim entire season” button.  Here’s how the NFC stacked up…

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Lookin’ Snazzy

11 08 2008
Stephen Colbert likes all 4 Philly teams' uni's

Stephen Colbert likes all 4 Philly teams' uni's!

by Kevin Collins

Uniforms? Really?  YES!  Uniforms are one of the most crucial items any and every sports team needs – whether it be professional, college, or little league.  It is the one universal aspect that practically every single team sport in the world has in common.  From swimming teams, to tennis doubles partners, to baseball and football, uniforms are universal.  Could you imagine the New York Yankees or the Detroit Red Wings running or skating out of their locker rooms in a mish-mash of clothing?  It would be chaos.  No one would know which teams were which or who the players were.

Every team needs a uniform.  Some teams really know how to pull off a sharp, aesthetically pleasing set of threads.  Others, well…not so much.  Here, I am going to put together a list of my top ten favorite current uniforms in the four major professional sports.  I have scavenged the depths of the internet, finding all 122 pro teams jerseys – most of whom had, not only home and away, but a bushel of alternate jerseys as well.  Without further ado, here are the top ten best uniforms in sports.

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New Faces try to lead the Falcons back to respectability

7 08 2008
Can Roddy White save the Falcons?

Can Roddy White save the Falcons?

by Michael Gill

This year sure has a different look for the Atlanta Falcons.  Gone is Bobby Petrino, the former head coach bolted after just 13 games in 2007.  Quarterback Mike Vick is no longer a distraction to the Falcons fan base, he is currently serving 23 months in the United States Penitentiary in Leavenworth, Kansas on federal dog fighting chargers.  “It was a three-ring circus everyday here last year,” said Falcons play-by-play voice Wes Durham.

This season, things are different.  Mike Smith is now the man in charge on the field, he brings over his defensive approach from Jacksonville. “You can certainly tell he understands that side of the ball,” said Durham.  Defense could be a strong suit for the Falcons if a few key things happen according to Durham.  “John Abraham and Keith Brooking need to stay healthy, if they can remain on the field and help the defense hold the rope while the offense builds momentum, they have a chance.” Read the rest of this entry »