Phillies Name Fifth Starter

31 03 2009
Chan Ho Park win the np. 5 spot

Chan Ho Park win the np. 5 spot

By Mike Gill

The Phillies have named their fifth starter and it will be Chan Ho Park.  Park held of challenges from JA Happ, Kyle Kendrick and Carlos Carrasco to win the final spot in the Phillies rotation. 

What does this mean for Happ, I figure he will head to the bullpen or even back to triple-A to work on starting pitching. 

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Phillies Release a Vet

31 03 2009

By  Mike Gill

The Phillies have announced that they have released veteran outfielder Geoff Jenkins, which means one of two things.

1. Matt Stairs has won a spot on this team as the main right-handed bat off the bench.

2. They Phillies are trying to make a roster move to bring in a right-handed bat off the bench (Gary Sheffield?)

Jenkins  seemed to become a popular guy as he settled into his role as a bench player, even coming up with a huge hit in the World Series clinching game and we will always remember him standing on the top step of the dugout in celebration.

My guess is Stairs stays and Cairo will be on the opening roster and it clears the way for Gary Majewski to make the opening day roster.  What happens if Jason Werth gets hurt, I think this move shows that the Phillies are comfortable with John Mayberry Jr., and if Werth got hurt, I think they would go to him in right field.

Julius Peppers to the Eagles?

30 03 2009

by Michael DeLuca

Darin Gantt has made the argument the Philadelphia Eagles might be a likely landing spot for Julius Peppers of the Carolina Panthers in an article at His main arguments are the Eagles $30 million in cap space along with their affinity for big name pass rushing ends (Kearse, Douglas, Howard).

It’s always exciting to hear your team in the mix when it comes to a big time trade but I’m not sure this is in the Eagles best interest. DE is hardly a need position, Peppers has already stated he’d like to play in a 3-4, and I feel our plethora of picks could be dealt more wisely. As I’ve mentioned in the past I’d love to see a move up to the #6 spot, currently held by the Cincinnati Bengals, to grab Texas Tech stud receiver Michael Crabtree or a trade to land Kansas City’s TE Tony Gonzalez, who has recently reiterated his desire for a trade. Thoughts?

Wanna Work for Lenny Dykstra…think again

27 03 2009
Would you work for this man?

Would you work for this man?

By Mike Gill

Many of you saw the HBO Real Sports feature on Lenny Dykstra recently.  If you were a Phillies fan you probably were awed by the fact that “nails” turned himself into such a affluent man.  However, I had the chance to speak to a man who might dispute the fact that Dykstra is as well off as he makes it seem.  Take a listen to this story and let me know if you still think Lenny is worth working for.

Listen to Kevin Tell Mike about working for Lenny Dykstra

This could be the most unbelievable story I have ever heard, I feel bad for the guy, he really didn’t see this coming.  He thought he had a dream job, and it turned into a nightmare.

Zo Talks Phils with PCP

25 03 2009

Wednesday 3/25 Phillies Beat writer Todd Zolecki

Who will be the no. 5 starter, how about the final bench player, how are Cole Hamels and Chase Utley, how has Raul Ibanez fit in so far in the clubhouse…listen to Todd from to find out!

Todd Zolecki talks Phillies on ESPN 1450

Tony Gonzalez Still Wants Trade

25 03 2009

by Michael DeLuca

A source close to Pro Bowl tight end Tony Gonzalez told the Associated Press on Tuesday that he still would like to be traded if the right deal can be made. The unidentified source said “Tony is not demanding a trade. Tony cherishes the time he’s spent with the Chiefs and he loves the way he’s always been treated by the fans there. But he knows of some other teams that would be interested in him and if the right deal can be made, he wants it to be made.” Read the rest of this entry »

Who Will the Eagles Draft…

23 03 2009










PCPSports recently talked to Scott Wright, president of, to talk about the Eagles draft. 


PCPTake: As mentioned in the Leonard Weaver article, I agree with what Wright had to say and his mock draft.  In his most recent mock draft, he has the Birds taking Brandon Pettigrew and 21 and Chris Wells at 28 (Though I am more of a Knowshon Moreno fan).  Read the rest of this entry »