DeSean Jackson Talks Eagles Needs

28 01 2011

Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson, coming off consecutive 1000 yard seasons, suffered a bone bruise and grade 2 MCL sprain in his left knee during the Philadelphia Eagles’ round one playoff loss to the Green Bay Packers and as a result will not risk further injury by playing in the Pro Bowl. He says his knee has not completely healed.

Jackson claims that had the team made the Super Bowl that he would have played and didn’t stop there. He stated that he “wants a Super Bowl” and discussed some of the things the Eagles need to do in order to get there. While discussing the Eagles vacant defensive coordinator position, Jackson stated “in order to win a championship, we need our defense to kind of step up and just help out.” In regards to the offensive side of the ball, Jackson said “We could get a little bit stronger on the offensive line, because we had a couple of guys get hurt. If we can kind of do that and protect Michael Vick, the sky’s the limit.”

Jackson stated a need for “more playmakers” on defense, including another shut down cornerback to play opposite Asante Samuel. Just because Jackson will not play in the Pro Bowl this week, does not mean he is not working. Jackson has been recruiting Oakland Raiders free agent cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha. “I talked to Nnamdi,” Jackson said. “I said, ‘Man, come on, Nnamdi, we need you to come sign with us,’ because if we had him and Asante, oh, my God. That’s very dangerous.”

In regards to the quarterback situation, DeSean said he isn’t privy to any inside information but has little doubt that Michael Vick will be back as the Eagles’ starter in 2011 and that backup Kevin Kolb will be dealt.



Adam Caplan Talks Philadelphia Eagles

13 01 2011

In yesterday’s live chat with Adam Caplan of FoxSports, Adam addressed several interesting points regarding the Philadelphia Eagles.

  • Adam reiterated that last year he felt that both Kolb and Vick would be on the team while McNabb would not.  His prediction for this year is that if Vick returns, Kolb will be traded.  He feels there will be a strong market for Kolb based on his age, upside, and the desperate need for a quarterback that several teams face.  Caplan feels that the Eagles will either get a future first round pick and additional considerations or a first round pick in this year’s draft.  Possible destinations suggested include Cardinals, 49ers, Titans, Vikings, Seahawks.
  • Asked possible destinations for Nnamdi Asomugha, Caplan opined that the Eagles would be a sensible fit seeing as they play more man defense than most teams and that they would like to press opposing wide receivers more.  PCP TAKE:  Asomugha is at the top of my off-season wish list for the Birds.  He is a shutdown corner and the team is incredibly weak at the position beyond Asante Samuel.
  • When asked what the Eagles offseason needs were, Caplan cited many; right guard, strong-side linebacker, weak-side linebacker, defensive end, cornerback, and strong safety.
  • Caplan does not feel that resigning Quintin Mikell is a priority currently but that it should be.

NFL Pre-Postseason Rumblings

4 01 2011
  • For those of you into sports betting, the early lines are out on this week’s NFL Playoffs games.  Here are my picks:
  1. PHILADELPHIA EAGLES -2.5 Green Bay Packers – These team’s met earlier this year and the Packers were the victors but these are now much different teams.  The Eagles have suffered a lot of defensive injuries but the presence of Michael Vick along with home field advantage have me rolling with the Birds.
  2. New Orleans Saints – 10.5 SEATTLE SEAHAWKS – O.K. the Seahawks limped into the playoffs at 7-9 and may very well be the worst team in NFL Playoff history.  All that aside, they were 5-3 at home and 10.5 is just too hefty a line… even if they’re up against the defending Super Bowl Champions.
  3. INDIANAPOLIS COLTS -2.5 New York Jets – Jets were my preseason AFC Champion but going into Indy while stumbling down the stretch is just too tall of a task.
  4. Baltimore Ravens -2.5 KANSAS CITY CHIEFS – Just a few weeks ago, I was ready to declare the Kansas City Chiefs my playoff sleeper team but after an embarrassing 31-10 defeat at home to the Oakland Raiders last week, I think they’re still a bit away.  Meanwhile, the Baltimore Ravens have been one of the more consistent teams all season long, in addition to perhaps being the most well balanced team in terms of talent in the entire playoffs.
  • A number of team’s are in need of quarterback help this coming offseason.  One name to keep an eye on is Billy Volek, who is now a free agent following the conclusion of  a three-year deal that garnered him a total of $9 million to be the Chargers’ backup quarterback.  Volek has long been considered one of the most talented backups in the league and would be an excellent short term solution for a team looking to groom a young qb.  One destination that comes to mind is Denver, where it appears Kyle Orton is destined to be traded.