NFL Pre-Postseason Rumblings

4 01 2011
  • For those of you into sports betting, the early lines are out on this week’s NFL Playoffs games.  Here are my picks:
  1. PHILADELPHIA EAGLES -2.5 Green Bay Packers – These team’s met earlier this year and the Packers were the victors but these are now much different teams.  The Eagles have suffered a lot of defensive injuries but the presence of Michael Vick along with home field advantage have me rolling with the Birds.
  2. New Orleans Saints – 10.5 SEATTLE SEAHAWKS – O.K. the Seahawks limped into the playoffs at 7-9 and may very well be the worst team in NFL Playoff history.  All that aside, they were 5-3 at home and 10.5 is just too hefty a line… even if they’re up against the defending Super Bowl Champions.
  3. INDIANAPOLIS COLTS -2.5 New York Jets – Jets were my preseason AFC Champion but going into Indy while stumbling down the stretch is just too tall of a task.
  4. Baltimore Ravens -2.5 KANSAS CITY CHIEFS – Just a few weeks ago, I was ready to declare the Kansas City Chiefs my playoff sleeper team but after an embarrassing 31-10 defeat at home to the Oakland Raiders last week, I think they’re still a bit away.  Meanwhile, the Baltimore Ravens have been one of the more consistent teams all season long, in addition to perhaps being the most well balanced team in terms of talent in the entire playoffs.
  • A number of team’s are in need of quarterback help this coming offseason.  One name to keep an eye on is Billy Volek, who is now a free agent following the conclusion of  a three-year deal that garnered him a total of $9 million to be the Chargers’ backup quarterback.  Volek has long been considered one of the most talented backups in the league and would be an excellent short term solution for a team looking to groom a young qb.  One destination that comes to mind is Denver, where it appears Kyle Orton is destined to be traded.

Eagles Closing In On Tony Gonzaelez Trade!

22 04 2009

by Michael DeLuca

(UPDATE:  Gonzo was traded to the Falcons for a 2nd rounder in the 2010 draft.   Analysis:  Eagles are douchebags.  Todd Heap is the next option, he is believed to be on the block.)

I’ve been screaming it from the rooftops for nearly seven months now.  Until now, it’s been primarily rampant speculation (which as we all now, I’m quite fond of).  Today, however, came the first confirmation that the Philadelphia Eagles are not only active participants in the Tony Gonzalez sweepstakes but may, in fact, be the frontrunners for his services.  Don Banks of says, “it sounds as if the Eagles might have nosed ahead of the Falcons as the most likely trade partner. Philly is thought to be willing to give up a third-rounder for Gonzalez. But Kansas City is seeking at least a second-round pick for a player it considers a future Hall of Famer, and may not be willing to bear the brunt of any criticism that could come if it’s perceived to have given away Gonzalez too cheaply.”

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if it comes down to having to give up our second round pick….DO IT!  This would be the move that would bring us that much closer to the championship.  This is, in fact, the type of  “playmaker” Donovan McNabb has been asking for, and this is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, our biggest need position.

I have maintained, and still maintain, that I believe the Eagles will get this deal done.  In the end, the Eagles will probably not bend on giving up the second round pick, but will add a player to the trade in order to satiate the Chief’s predilection to avoid criticism.  Though, in all honesty, I don’t think the Chief’s new GM Scott Pioli could really care less about what anybody else thinks.

Tony Gonzalez Still Wants Trade

25 03 2009

by Michael DeLuca

A source close to Pro Bowl tight end Tony Gonzalez told the Associated Press on Tuesday that he still would like to be traded if the right deal can be made. The unidentified source said “Tony is not demanding a trade. Tony cherishes the time he’s spent with the Chiefs and he loves the way he’s always been treated by the fans there. But he knows of some other teams that would be interested in him and if the right deal can be made, he wants it to be made.” Read the rest of this entry »

Eagle’s Trade Possibility: Tony Gonzalez

6 10 2008

by Michael DeLuca

Update:  I will have continuous trade deadline updates here

You rarely see in-season trades in the National Football League. One of the main reasons is that the league imposes such an early deadline in comparison to the other major sports. This year, the deadline is October 14th. Despite that, this trend may be about to change as after just 5 weeks of this year’s season it has become fairly clear who the have and have nots may be.  The most likely situation for a trade is probably in Detroit, where Matt Millen has already been fired and replaced with Tom Lewand. Lewand would be wise to make some changes that could be viewed as having a positive effect on the franchise if he hopes to retain the job beyond the 2008 season. WR, Roy Williams, who is already rumored to be on the market, is the most likely trade chip for the Lions.

Another team that is clearly in rebuilding mode is the Kansas City Chiefs, who at 1-4 have absolutely no shot of competing for anything but the #1 pick in the 2009 NFL Draft. They were blown out 34-0 this weekend in Carolina and have been lifeless in all but 1 game, a week four 33-19 home victory over the Denver Broncos. Many are speculating that it may be time to trade RB Larry Johnson, but it is TE Tony Gonzalez that I see as being the more likely trade candidate for the Chiefs. Read the rest of this entry »

3 Blind Mice With Nowhere to Run

24 09 2008

by John Ryan

With week 3 now in the books in the NFL, it is a lot easier to flesh out the so-called “haves” and “have-nots.” After 21 days we can come to the not so hard to discern conclusion that Detroit, St. Louis, and Kansas City are the three worst teams in the NFL. Each is bad for different reasons, but all seem to hold a few common similarities. In my humble order, I say Kansas City has the best chance at getting good again the soonest, followed by Detroit, and St. Louis brings up the rear. First, let’s go from worst to first in this unceremonious pecking order to flesh out problems and solutions for these teams. Read the rest of this entry »