2008 MLB All-Under-the-Radar Team

9 10 2008

by Kevin Collins

With the 2008 post season and Frank Caliendo spots in full swing, some of the premier players in the game take center stage.  Everyone knows the kinds of years the likes of Chase Utley, Manny Ramirez, CC Sabathia, and Dustin Pedroia had.  They are the stars of the game.  Even if their respective teams weren’t in the playoffs, the common baseball fan would be familiar with their stats.

Ugueth Urbina is tearing it up in the Venezuelan Penal League.  Who Knew?

Ugueth Urbina is tearing it up in the Venezuelan Penal League. Who Knew?

But what about the other guys?  What about the players who had great years but no one really seemed to notice because they played on Baltimore or Kansas City?  Hell, even middle relievers on good teams don’t get noticed.  Living in Boston, I hear so many times, “Wow, I had no idea how good J.C. Romero has been for the Phillies.  He sucked on the Sox!”

Well my goal here is to point out some of those players who have flown under the radar in 2008.  Here it is, the 2008 MLB All-Under-the-Radar Team.

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Manny Being Marlin

30 07 2008
This Way To Florida?

This Way To Florida?

The Boston Red Sox, Florida Marlins, and Pittsburgh Pirates are reportedly closing in on a three way deal that would send Manny Ramirez and cash to the Florida Marlins, Jeremy Hermida to the Pittsburgh Pirates, and Jason Bay and John Grabow to the Boston Red Sox. The Pirates would also receive several prospects from the Marlins including pitcher Ryan Tucker, ranked the #4 prospect in the Marlins organization.

The deal would instantly upgrade the Marlins offense while virtually doubling their payroll.  The Marlins, a notoriously financially frugal franchise (say that ten times fast) would not be expected to pick up Manny’s $20 million option for 2009.

This trade would be a coup for the Red Sox, who would rid themselves of all the headaches associated with Manny Ramirez and replace him with Bay, a comparable batter and superior defensive player.  Bay is signed through 2009 at just $7.5 million.  John Grabow is a left handed reliever, currently with a 3.19 ERA, that would round out the Red Sox bullpen which has seen it’s struggles recently.