Gocong On The Move?

31 03 2010

According to The National Football Post, the Eagles and Browns have reportedly held “preliminary” trade talks involving outside linebacker Chris Gocong. Gocong, a former third round selection of the Birds, was a restricted free agent who signed his $1.176 million one-year tender. Gocong lost playing time last year to rookie Moise Fokou as a result of his poor pass coverage skills. Browns new GM Tom Heckert is familiar with Gocong from his time in Philly and likely believes that his skills would translate better in the Browns 3-4 scheme as an edge pass rusher.


Jamie Moyer Gets Fifth Spot In Phils Rotation

30 03 2010

by Michael DeLuca

Notice the headline says “gets” and not “wins”.  Sure, Moyer had an impressive spring training, but let’s not simply claim that he beat out Kyle Kendrick, who wasn’t even born when Moyer began his major league career, without mentioning the fact that Moyer is due 6.5 million dollars for the 2010 campaign.  That hefty contract, 2 years and $13 million awarded in the post World Series Championship jubilation, certainly played a role in the decision to give Moyer the final spot in the rotation.  Moyer will open the new campaign at 47 years old, the oldest player in the majors (by A LOT).  He is the sixth-oldest player to ever step on the diamond, behind only Satchel Paige, Nick Altrock, Jack Quinn, Hoyt Wilhelm and Phil Niekro.  Kendrick has been told that he has made the major league roster and will begin the season in the bullpen.

PCPTAKE:  This news is boring and predictable.  Unless Moyer lost a limb during Spring Training, he was getting the fifth spot in this rotation.

McNabb To Rams Deal Is Close

25 03 2010

Donovan McNabbPhiladelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid confirmed yesterday that the team is entertaining offers for quarterback Donovan McNabb.

The latest rumor has McNabb headed to the St. Louis Rams in exchange for the #33 overall pick in the draft and FS OJ Atogwe according to beat writer Jeff McLane.  According to McLane’s sources, McNabb is willing to go St. Louis if he can reach a contract extension with the team.

Adding credence to the report are recent comments from Andy Reid regarding the new draft format in which only the first round occurs on day one.  “I’d love to have that first pick of the second day,” Reid said, referring to the 33d overall pick. “Where you can sleep on it, regather your thoughts, which you normally don’t get to do.”

A league source said that it was “not yet completed,” in reference to whether or not a deal was in fact on the table between the Rams and Eagles.  The comment leads one to believe that not only is a deal on the table but that it is close to being consummated.  Rams G.M. Billy Devaney, however, went on record and called the report “utterly false” and “absolutely ridiculousl!”

If this transaction were to go down, McNabb would be reunited with Rams offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur, his former quarterbacks coach with the Eagles and St. Louis head coach Steve Spagnuolo who was a defensive coach (secondary, linebackers) for the Birds.

PCPTAKE:  In my opinion, late first round and early second round picks are the most valuable selections in the draft, considering the obscene amount of money that goes to the unproven players at the top of round 1.  As Reid intimated, the 33rd pick holds even more value, since you’re essentially on the clock overnight.  This gives you the ability to not only consider your own pick but evaluate trade offers to move out of the pick for a much longer period of time.  Throw in OJ Atogwe, one of the leagues top free safeties (and a need position for the Eagles) and this deal makes a lot of sense.

UPDATE:  In a recent segment of PFTV, Mike Florio made two very strong statements regarding the McNabb situation.

#1  He know believes that it is inevitable that McNabb will be traded.

#2  He believes that the Eagles fabricated the Rams trade scenario in order to drum up some trade offers from other clubs.

Howard For Pujols?

15 03 2010

Sources have told ESPN’s Buster Olney that the Philadelphia Phillies organization has had internal discussions regarding a swap of Ryan Howard for St. Louis Cardinals superstar and reigning league MVP Albert Pujols.  Philadelphia GM Ruben Amaro adamantly denied the rumors, saying, “That’s a lie. I don’t know who you’re talking to, but that’s a lie.”  According to Olney, it is unclear if the Phils have actually reached out to the Cardinals at this point.  Howard is a St. Louis native.  Pujols is under contract for just one more year and talks on a long term deal have yielded no results.

Philadelphia Eagles Persiflage

9 03 2010
  • Former Philadelphia Eagles backup quarterback AJ Feeley signed a deal with the St. Louis Rams for $6 million over two years, a nice haul for a journeyman backup who struggled mightily in Miami when given a chance to be a starter.  The Rams offensive coordinator is Pat Shurmur, who coached Feeley in Philadelphia.  The Rams have also been the team linked to most actively pursuing Donovan McNabb.
  • The team released Wil Witherspoon, acquired just five months ago in a trade with the St. Louis Rams for Brandon Gibson and a fifth round selection.  Witherspoon’s base salary for 2010 was $5 million dollars and certainly played no small role in the Eagles decision. Nonetheless, the trade has to be considered a failure.
  • As Andy Reid continues to insist that “Donovan’s our quarterback,” there are rumblings that there is some major infighting going on in the Eagles front office and that both GM Howie Roseman and team President Joe Banner would like to see what Kevin Kolb can do.
  • Despite the fact that the Eagles have a glaring need for a defensive end to play opposite superstar Trent Cole, the team allowed both Julius Peppers and Aaron Kampman, the top two defensive ends on the free agent market, to sign elsewhere.  Peppers signed with Chicago, while Kampman went to Jacksonville.  Kampman was scheduled to visit with the Eagles but canceled his visit and signed with the Jags later that same day.
  • Michael Vick is due to earn a $1.5 million roster bonus at 4:00 p.m. ET today and the Eagles, unhappy with all trade offers currently on the table, are set to pay it.
  • Former Philadelphia Eagle Lito Sheppard is looking for a job.  Lito was due a $10 million dollar roster bonus.  That coupled with the fact that the team has just acquired Antonio Cromartie from the San Diego Chargers, spelled the end for Sheppard’s days in The Big Apple.  The Detroit Lions and Chicago Bears are, according to Mike Florio of profootballtalk.com, interested in his services.
  • Jason Avant signed a five-year, $18 million deal with the team, $8 million of which is guaranteed.  Even more amazing is the fact that Avant will pocket $7 million of that money in 2010.  Avant caught 41 passes for 587 yards and three touchdowns last year as the Eagles primary slot receiver.  He’s a solid route runner with good hands and is a guy that QB Donovan McNabb looks to often on 3rd and short (before bouncing the ball at his feet and grinning like an idiot on his way back to the sidelines).
  • The Philadelphia Eagles have traded receiver Reggie Brown to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for a 6th round pick in the 2010 NFL draft.  Finally.

Vick Wants To Be A Panther

2 03 2010

Philadelphia Eagles Backup Quarterback Michael VickPhiladelphia Eagles backup quarterback Michael Vick said  on an appearance on the Gangsta Grillz radio show on Atlanta’s Hot 107.9 that if give his choice of any team in the NFL to play for, he would select the Carolina Panthers.  The statement was in response to a call in question regarding Vick’s desired landing spot for the 2010-2011 NFL season.

“Well, you know, it’s close to  home. I like the uniforms. You get to play against Atlanta twice a year. Ain’t nothing better than playing against your former team, right? So, yeah, that would be a good look, it would be a good look.”

Vick is still a member of the Philadelphia Eagles roster and is due a 1.5 million dollar bonus.  The team is said to be unhappy with the trade offers they have received for Vick and are likely to pay his bonus and wait until a better offer comes along.

Carolina is currently heading towards next season with an open competition between Jake Delhomme and Matt Moore for the starting QB role.  In other words, yes they could use help at the position.