Ax Man Back! A Reunion of Sorts for JR’s Ramblings!

29 09 2009

Just when I thought YOU weren’t getting a Tuesday Ramblings, the Eagles went and made another odd move in what seems like an endless supply since last free agency started. We’ve been through them all so I won’t re-hash, but really, did you ever think Jeremiah Trotter would be back on this team in any other capacity besides, “team ambassador.” I knew you didn’t. Anyways, on to the real thing…………

1.) The Real McCoy has arrived. LeSean McCoy looked electric in Brian Westbrook’s place on Sunday and that’s a good thing. As first reported by me on this site, I believe Westbrook won’t even be an Eagle past next season and McCoy (with a small sample size, of course) looks very capable of handling the RB duties. McCoy was dicing and slicing through the (admittedly weak) Chief defense on his way to a TD and 86 yards rushing. It was very cool to see a field featuring the following players: Jeremy Maclin, LeSean McCoy, DeSean Jackson, Kevin Kolb, and Brent Celek. Future looks fairly good, although i’m still not sold on Kolb yet (more on this later). Good things for the Eagles this weekend, and they now appear primed to go 5-1 with three straight cupcakes after the bye week.

2.) Jeremiah Trotter is back! Just one more quick Eagles thought. Trotter? Really? I’m very skeptical of this move, and I also think Omar Gaither should seek a real estate agent once the season ends. Not only that, I’m stunned. This move is literally right up there with the first time I saw the movie “Seven.” (When Brad Pitt discovers his wife’s head, tell me you were not literally saying out loud, “WOW!!!”) Anyways, not sure how effective he’ll be or what his role will even be, but he sure seems confident. And one other thing: Andy is not a sentimental guy. If he signed someone, it means they can play a little.

3.) A Big Week Is Looming in the NFL and NCAA. A guy who I won’t name gets to play his former team this coming week (Monday Night, no less. ESPN is going to promote this more heavily then if they obtained a naked picture of Miley Cyrus and were actually allowed to show it. That’s how much they love the QB who I won’t name.) There is also the LSU-Georgia tilt on Saturday afternoon, and USC-Cal Saturday night, so my sports weekend appears to be set. Except for one small detail……….

4.) The Phillies may not clinch until Saturday or Sunday! And my honest level of fear right now hovers between “meeting Ving Rhames in a dark alley and discovering he doesn’t like me,” and “I’m forced to watch “The Hills” for the rest of eternity with a supper-geeky, super-giddy Spencer Pratt.” (5 minute break for me to puke and cleanse) Back…….So, the long and short of it is that I believe the Phillies will eventually clinch but this is about as comfortable as a colonoscopy. I predict it’s over Friday or Saturday.Eerie reminders of “Major League 2” when they jump to a 3-0 lead on the White Sox, only to have a Jack Parkman-led Sox team even it up and nearly win the series in game 7.

5.) The Flyers have more guys I DON’T know then I actually KNOW on the team. I like Chris Pronger.

6.) Amendments, Apologies, and more Rambling…..I think I was wrong about Joe Flacco being overrated. Sorry………..I hate Ricky Bo on any show on comcast. He is such an arrogant jackass………..(quick note: that was written before he went on a rant at 6:37 PM Tuesday on comcast pre-game live. What a gigantic JACKASS!!!!)…….76ers start training camp and Sammy D is the key to the season, so says the Philadelphia Daily News???? I have no comment……90210 tonight. You know it!………..Hopefully be back for some more ramblings later this week.




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