Bleak Outlook for Philadelphia Phillies

16 06 2012

John Morosi on Twitter

Philadelphia PhilliesScout on #Phillies: “They’re not young. They’re not healthy. And their system is thin.” Not a good scenario.

PCPSPORTS TAKE – It’s said but true.  I know it’s not a popular idea but the Phillies best option is to trade Cole Hamels for the biggest haul they can get (which would be substantial).  I say this regardless of where they are in the standings come the trade deadline.  A package that starts with 3B Will Middlebrooks and SS Xander Bogaerts from the Boston Red Sox would get it done for me.


Philadelphia Phillies Interested In Will Middlebrooks

10 06 2012

by Nick Cafardo

A major league source indicated that the Philadelphia Phillies, who have been watching the Boston Red Sox a lot lately, may be more interested in rookie third baseman Will Middlebrooks than veteran Kevin Youkilis. The Phillies are looking to get younger, Will Middlebrooks to the Philadelphia Philliesespecially if they deem this season a washout at some point. It doesn’t appear the Red Sox would have interest in dealing Middlebrooks, though.

PCPTAKE: It’s easy to see why the Phllies would be more interested in Middlebrooks than an aging Kevin Youkilis.  The question is would the Red Sox be willing to deal him.  If so, the Phillies definitely have the pieces that it would take to get such a deal done.  The team is in desperate need of a young bat and should be willing