Eagles To Watch in Preseason Game #2

16 08 2012


A few things stood out in the Eagles first preseason game. For one, they don’t look ready for the real games to start. For two, they have some players that they probably need to let go of that they did not envision letting go of because of production, numbers or their place in their respective careers. On the same token, some guys need to be kept on the roster that they may have figured would be goners. Let’s start with who may be the goners :





1.) Jai Jarrett : Jarrett has done nothing since the day he was drafted to justify his foolish 2nd round selection. When Howie Roseman talks about guys that he has reached on in the past to pick for need, he’s looking at you, Jai. I think he gets cut. His preseason game one performance was dreadful.


2.) Darryl Tapp : Tapp has been a serviceable rotation player for the Birds, however he simply doesn’t have a home on this team because of a numbers game unless the Eagles keep an extra defensive lineman. I will touch on the “numbers” guy who takes his place in the “keepers” place.


3.) Chad Hall : Admittedly, I’ve never been Chad’s biggest fan. However, he’s had a very productive camp by all accounts and has caught everything they’ve thrown his way. The problem, again, is a numbers driven problem. DJax, Maclin, Avant are rock solids. Riley Cooper is near certain despite his injury (although, I speculate that his leash is getting shorter. He needs to have a good year to keep his job.) Not to mention what youngsters are lurking and may be more multifaceted than Hall.


4.) Trent Edwards : I liked he Trent Edwards signing. I thought he could challenge Kafka second string reps. Now, Nick Foles appears to be the front runner for the #2 QB spot and Kafka will probably be kept around because of his draft pick status.


5.) Chas Henry : McBriar has simply out booted the young fella.he will catch on with another team, guaranteed.


6.) Chris Polk : All of the hype aside, Bryce Brown has simply outplayed Polk. Again, I think Polk has a home with another NFL team, juts not here unless Andy uses what would have been a spot he gave to a FB in the past. Perhaps Polk and Chad Hall are fighting for that last spot?





1.) Phillip Hunt :

This guy never stops “going” to use a defensive coordinator term. His motor is non stop (another defensive coordinator term) and he deserves a spot on the roster. I think he sticks. Tapp may have to be traded or cut to accommodate, unless Mike Patterson open on the PUP and the Eagles keep that extra D-lineman.


2.) Damaris Johnson : The guy is lightning fast and he adds an element to the team that has been missing for years : a return threat. Has it really been since Brian Mitchell that we have had a consistent return guy on this team? (I don’t count Westbrook and Jackson because they weren’t really full time return guys for any prolonged period of time.)


3.) Mat McBriar : Chas Henry has really had a nice camp, and it would be a shame to waste a pick on a punter, however McBriar was an elite punter and looks to be at that level once again.


As a post script, Clay Harbor and Joselio Hanson have looked very good in camp and seemed to have solidified their spot on the depth chart, not necessarily their roster spot.


Sizing Up the Weekend: A Ramblings Return!

9 03 2009

by John Ryan

Our resident Ramblings "Superman" John Ryan has returned with a new powerpacked edition of Jr's Ramblings!

Our resident Ramblings "Superman" John Ryan has returned with a new powerpacked edition of Jr's Ramblings!

Ok, here’s the deal for the dozen or so loyal readers I have out there: I did not quit the site or get fired. As reader Joe M. pointed out from Haddonfield, “JR, I look forward to your ramblings like I look forward to the Sunday Inky Sports section for my craps,” I indeed have a loyal, if not odd reader base. The short end of the story is my day job has reared its ugly head from the “mildly important” phase to the “just got promoted and they actually rely on me to make sound decisions” phase. With that being said, I will hopefully be back with no long breaks now, and you can rely on me to bang out 2-4 stories per week depending on how much I’m moved by any stories. As always, please continue to e-mail your thoughts on the column, and these are my opinions/thoughts/ramblings on how the past weekend just shook out:

1.) T.O. is a Bill – Does anyone care at this point? He’s officially entered the Brittney Spears stage of his career (continual bad decision maker to the point that we don’t care anymore, but yet still important enough to pen something about it for just obligatory sake). Here’ my take:

1.) It’s freezing in Buffalo and I’m glad he has to do this at 35 and not 25,

2.) The AFC East is very competitive with the always-good Pats, an up and coming (but could drop off) Dolphins team, and a mildly effective Jets team. I mean really, does Trent Edwards get this team into the top 6? The Trent Edwards-T.O. relationship is a whole other column. But……all these statements could be amended by the following factors:

  • 1.) Evans-Owens combo produces big numbers from a QB with a big arm,

  • 2.) a stingy defense, and

  • 3.) a strong running game. They could make a run, but it’s doubtful.

2.) Sean Jones is in the Nest – So your telling me on paper that we traded a guy who will be 36 next NFL season and showed major breakdowns except for one month of a 4-month season for a 27-year-old former All-Pro who is 3rd in the league since 2006 with 14 thefts? Sounds good right? Well, except that Brian Dawkins is involved and Sean Jones was mostly ineffective LAST year, which is always the best indicator of future performance. Now, I think the Eagles will be fine, but losing Dawk is akin to losing a girl you’ve dated and loved and who was amazing in bed because after years of not being able to make a commitment to marry her some sleaze bag with money dropped a huge ring on her finger. He is the heart and soul of a defense that has ranged from dominant to more than adequate in his tenure here. He will be missed. Read the rest of this entry »

Week 5 – Things I think I now Know…

8 10 2008

The NFL is a weird league.  How can Miami beat San Diego, how does Kansas City beat Denver one week and lose 34-0 the next?  How can Washington look like they had their lunch money stolen from them against the Giants and then go into the two other NFC East buildings and beat them.  With that said, there are things I think I now know and I am ready to share them with you.

CanFavre klead the Jets to the playoffs?

Can Favre lead the Jets to the playoffs?

Read the rest of this entry »

NFL Power Rankings – Week 6

7 10 2008

by Michael DeLuca

Miami upsets, Philadelphia disappoints, Detroit blows, and the intrigue grows.  Gotta love this game, here are your NFL Power Rankings heading into week 6.

1.  New York Giants (4-0) – No Burress, no problem.  The Giants rolled to a 44-6 victory over the Seattle Seahawks and solidified their stronghold on the #1 spot in the power rankings.  They haven’t seemed to miss a beat on defense despite the losses of Michael Strahan to retirement and Osi Umenyiora to a season ending injury. 

2.  Tennessee Titans (5-0) – Best defense in the league thus far continued to roll against the Baltimore Ravens, limiting them to just 285 total yards on offense and 2 turnovers.  Albert Haynesworth is a beast and Cortland Finnegan is gaining prominence as one of the league’s top cover corners.  Chris Johnson is a lightning bolt.  Kerry “Cocktail” Collins makes this offense more stable, allowing the defense to do what it do.

3.  Dallas Cowboys (4-1) – They beat the Bengals, but it wasn’t as easy as some would like.  Overall, they look to be losing a bit more mojo from week to week.  Their dominating performance in Cleveland in week 1 was followed up by a week 2 shootout victory over the Philadelphia Eagles.  In week three they traveled to Green Bay, where they had never won a game, and took it to the Packers for an impressive victory.  Rookie Felix Jones has established himself a dynamic playmaker, but inexplicably didn’t receive a single touch in the week 4 loss to the Washington Redskins.  Against the Bengals, Jones was once again involved and his 9 carries for 96 yards and a touchdown proved to be the difference. Read the rest of this entry »

Things I think I now know…

8 09 2008

By Mike Gill

There are random things about the week in sports I think I now know, check back each week.

Each year it seems the NFL is full of surprises – this year looks to be no different.  If there is one thing we do know is that the Tom Brady injury will be talked about more then the Michael Vick dog fighting incident.  So after week one in the NFL, here are some things I think I know after watching all the games (but the Monday night games, which are on now).

Also, the baseball season is coming to a close, with 19 games left, I think I know some things about baseball as well.

1. New England will be 9-7 if they are lucky.  Their defense wasn’t that good to begin with and now they will have to rely much more on their suspect running game.  Cassel will get good protection, but I want to see him make the same check-downs that made Brady so good. Read the rest of this entry »