Phillies in the Mix for Japanese Pitcher

8 11 2008
Junichi Tazawa

Junichi Tazawa

(From Philadelphia Inquire)

A day after it was reported that the Atlanta Braves had made an offer for Japanese pitcher Junichi Tazawa, the Phillies’ general manager indicated that his club also has some interest in the 22-year-old righthander.

“We know of him,” Ruben Amaro Jr. said yesterday before departing the general managers meetings. “We’ve seen him, but we haven’t made an offer.”

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and reported that the Braves had made a formal offer, but that terms hadn’t been not revealed. They listed the Phillies, Red Sox, Cubs, Tigers, Marlins and Mariners as other teams with interest.

“It’s an exciting opportunity,” Braves GM Frank Wren, who saw Tazawa pitch three times in Japan in September, told the newspaper. “We think he has the potential to be a major-league starter.” Read the rest of this entry »


2008 MLB All-Suck Team

7 09 2008

by Kevin Collins

Adam Eaton is an anchor in the All-Suck Team's rotation

Adam Eaton is an anchor in the All-Suck Team's rotation

With the season winding down and some players already starting to pack it in, I’ve decided to come up with an anti-All*Star team.  This team is comprised of a player at each position, who has just absolutely sucked this year.  They may not be the worst at their position, but they should be so much better.  These players have all started more games at their position for their respective teams than any other member of their team.  Because I compiled the team this way, So Taguchi didn’t quite make the cut.  But I think I may bring him on as the bat boy.  So let’s get to the team.  I warn you, some of the stats you are about to see are pretty shocking.  It is not for the faint of heart baseball fan.

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The Trade that Ruined the Phillies.

15 08 2008
by Mike Gill
Just the man the Phillies are missing.

Just the man the Phillies are missing.

The day was June 8th, 2005, that’s the day that ruined their Phillies chances to be a legitimate contender.

The Phillies acted like a kid who had to have his toy, even though his parents told him it would go on sale tomorrow.  It was known throughout baseball that then-Tigers closer Ugueth Urbina was going to be released by Detroit. 

He would have been free to sign with any team in baseball, yet the Phillies still made  their move to acquire the 1999 National League leader in saves, two-time all star and World Series champion.  In the deal, the Phillies traded away the steady and smart infielder Placido Polanco.  Then Phillies GM Ed Wade felt Urbina was the missing piece to get the Phillies back into the playoffs for the first time since 1993 and in the process felt that Polanco was expendable – he was dead wrong. Read the rest of this entry »