Quintin Mikell Will Find Something Better To Do Than Watch NFL Draft

19 04 2011

Count at least one Eagles player amongst those that do not have the stomach for the NFL Draft this year.

“I usually am [a big NFL Draft guy], but I won’t be watching it this year,” said Quintin Mikell. “I’m going to find something better to do with my time.”

In talking to several players at Power Train in Cherry Hill, the temperature is luke-warm at best when it comes to the upcoming draft. Much like the fans, their excitement level has been affected by the uncertainty surrounding the upcoming season.

Plus, for them, it’s a very personal matter.

“It’s going to be a little frustrating,” said Mikell. “How are we going to have a draft and there’s not going to be any football? How are you going to have a first-rounder cross the stage and shake [Commissioner Roger Goodell’s] hand?

“‘Welcome to the NFL. You have no job.’ ”

Reports surfaced in March that the NFL Players Association was encouraging top prospects not to attend the draft in New York City, though that movement appears to have lost traction. Draftees are in an awkward position where they will be immediately locked out by the team and league that selects them; just another oddity in an uncomfortable offseason.

“Whether rookies go up and shake the commissioner’s hand, that’s not really a big deal to me,” said defensive end Victor Abiamiri. “I just want to focus on the season getting here, playing football and making that money.”

Far from a boycott, Brent Celek and Todd Herremans will be throwing a draft party on April 30 at their new bar in Old City, “879.” But that appears to be more of a business decision, and less an endorsement of the event.

“I used to be into it, not too much any more,” said Celek. “I like that stuff, right now I just don’t have the time for it. I’m doing my own thing.”




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