DeSean Jackson Talks Eagles Needs

28 01 2011

Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson, coming off consecutive 1000 yard seasons, suffered a bone bruise and grade 2 MCL sprain in his left knee during the Philadelphia Eagles’ round one playoff loss to the Green Bay Packers and as a result will not risk further injury by playing in the Pro Bowl. He says his knee has not completely healed.

Jackson claims that had the team made the Super Bowl that he would have played and didn’t stop there. He stated that he “wants a Super Bowl” and discussed some of the things the Eagles need to do in order to get there. While discussing the Eagles vacant defensive coordinator position, Jackson stated “in order to win a championship, we need our defense to kind of step up and just help out.” In regards to the offensive side of the ball, Jackson said “We could get a little bit stronger on the offensive line, because we had a couple of guys get hurt. If we can kind of do that and protect Michael Vick, the sky’s the limit.”

Jackson stated a need for “more playmakers” on defense, including another shut down cornerback to play opposite Asante Samuel. Just because Jackson will not play in the Pro Bowl this week, does not mean he is not working. Jackson has been recruiting Oakland Raiders free agent cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha. “I talked to Nnamdi,” Jackson said. “I said, ‘Man, come on, Nnamdi, we need you to come sign with us,’ because if we had him and Asante, oh, my God. That’s very dangerous.”

In regards to the quarterback situation, DeSean said he isn’t privy to any inside information but has little doubt that Michael Vick will be back as the Eagles’ starter in 2011 and that backup Kevin Kolb will be dealt.





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