Jamie Moyer Gets Fifth Spot In Phils Rotation

30 03 2010

by Michael DeLuca

Notice the headline says “gets” and not “wins”.  Sure, Moyer had an impressive spring training, but let’s not simply claim that he beat out Kyle Kendrick, who wasn’t even born when Moyer began his major league career, without mentioning the fact that Moyer is due 6.5 million dollars for the 2010 campaign.  That hefty contract, 2 years and $13 million awarded in the post World Series Championship jubilation, certainly played a role in the decision to give Moyer the final spot in the rotation.  Moyer will open the new campaign at 47 years old, the oldest player in the majors (by A LOT).  He is the sixth-oldest player to ever step on the diamond, behind only Satchel Paige, Nick Altrock, Jack Quinn, Hoyt Wilhelm and Phil Niekro.  Kendrick has been told that he has made the major league roster and will begin the season in the bullpen.

PCPTAKE:  This news is boring and predictable.  Unless Moyer lost a limb during Spring Training, he was getting the fifth spot in this rotation.




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