Stacy Andrews Must Restructure Or Go

17 02 2010

Paul Domowitch of says that, according to sources close to the situation, there is little chance Stacy Andrews “will be back with the team unless he agrees to restructure his deal.”

“Andrews is scheduled to receive another $7.6 million this year, including a $4.1 million roster bonus in early April, which he would get only if he still is with the team on the 30th day of the league year (April 4). His $2.956 million salary and $500,000 workout bonus also are not guaranteed. Neither is the remaining $25.37 million in salary and bonuses in the final 4 years of his deal.

The dilemma the Eagles face at the moment, though, is they have very little depth at guard. Nick Cole did a pretty good job at the right-guard spot Andrews was supposed to occupy, but was moved to center in late December when Jamaal Jackson tore an ACL. It’s uncertain when Jackson will be ready to play again.”




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