Phils Offer New Twist On Why They Didn’t Keep Lee

17 02 2010

Many have argued that the Philadelphia Phillies should have traded for Roy Halladay and kept Cliff Lee rather than trade him to the Seattle Ruben AmaroMariners.  The argument to be made is that the Phillies would have received two first round draft picks if Lee were to leave after the 2010 season since he would be a Type A free agent.

In Amaro’s view, however, the draft picks were less valuable than they appeared.

“Lee is likely to sign with a high-payroll club,” Amaro says. “If we get that pick, it could be somewhere between 25 and 30. That’s the first pick.

“The second pick could be anywhere down the line to 50, depending upon how many guys are lined up in between in the sandwich area. You’re not looking at slam dunks. You get after the 10th or 15th pick in baseball, you’re kind of rolling the dice . . . Plus, those guys that we’re drafting may not get to the big leagues for four, five or six years. They are so much further away.

“The whole scenario of ‘Let’s just go for broke and pick up the draft picks and that’s fine,’ that doesn’t serve the purpose of what we’re trying to do, which is put ourselves in a position to win every year.

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