Phils/Rockies – Game 1 Thoughts

7 10 2009

by Michael DeLuca

  • With so many incredibly talented recording artists coming out of the City of Brotherly Love, who else should sing the national anthem but….Kevin Bacon.
  • Cliff Lee got off to a shaky start but was brilliant after the first two innings. Going the distance in game one was huge, last thing we needed to do was tax the bullpen early on.
  • Raul Ibanez looked on point, flashing the swing we saw in the first half of the season.
  • Ubaldo Jimenez makes funny faces.
  • Major League players should know how to slide into a base.
  • At least the umps didn’t get a single call right for either team.
  • Not sure who came up with the idea to make the volume of the commercials louder than that of the game…but just stop it. I, personally, choose something else to watch during commercials since I’m too lazy to lower the volume for every commercial break and too irritable to tolerate 18,000 watts of house rattling Cialis commercials.
  • Major League outfielders should learn how to get in front of balls.
  • What do they do, bring an extra folding chair to every game so they can continuously announce they’ve set a new attendance record?
  • Go Phils!



2 responses

14 10 2009

there is a max volume that television sound can be broadcast at. Shows (including sporting events) need to save that cap for the loudest event in their show… like an explosion or something (hopefully not at the sporting event,) so most of the sound is lower. There are very quiet whispers, medium normal conversation, and loud loud explosions or home run calls. Commercials don’t need to account for the possibility of such dynamic volume swings so everything is just pushed to the max. they aren’t any louder than the show’s loudest point, they are just much louder than the medium.

I think this may be the single thing I learned in college.

17 10 2009
Michael DeLuca


That’s one more thing than I learned in college. Interesting info though, that’s for the input.

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