A Fantasy Ramblings For All!

31 08 2009

by John Ryan

Since the last timfacebook_momse I rambled (a mere 4 days ago for you spoiled readers, you) two major events have happened: 1.) My annual BIG fantasy football draft happened and 2.) I opened a facebook account. I know, I know, that seems like a lot for one week. But have no fear, I have plenty of energy and close to 1,000 words in me for this edition of “JR’s Ramblings.” Away we go…….


"I'm gonna move on to marry Diane Lane and become an award winning actor...yeah, that's right, me, Brandon from the Goonies."

1.) First, I have to talk about my fantasy football draft. It’s just too wild not too. First, a couple of facts and figures about this particular league. 1.) It’s only my second year, and I got in via friends of mine, so I hardly know any of the people. 2.) It’s comprised of two conferences of 12 teams each, so there are a lot of people at the draft. It costs $400 to get in, so there’s a lot of teammates. (I have two) 3.) It’s at a bar in a small college town, so the place is both huge and always packed. We get our own private room there which consists of all-you-can-eat food (usually ribs, wings, a pasta of some sort, and a fish/chicken of some sort) and all-you-can-drink alcohol. For the record, I did my first shot at around 12:30. 4.) Lastly, the draft is two 20 round drafts, one of offensive players and one of defensive players. I was there from 12 PM to 9 PM. Quite a day. All in all, here were the highlights: One guy (PCP’s own The Duke) made 7 trades, my team traded up and selected Peterson first overall, MUCH more food was consumed than last year (60-70% of the guys in attendance looked hung over), there is always one girl there (and she stays virtually the whole time, so I give her credit for staying in a room with 30-40 guys for eight straight hours doing an entire fake draft) and this year she was peppered with farts from some guy sitting in the corner who apparently had some bad pizza the night before, (last observation, I swear) I felt like “Brandon” from “The Goonies” when he was tied up with the exercise equipment in hour 7. All I wanted to do was break out and leave, even if I had to ride a 7 year old girl’s pink bike back to my house 40 minutes away. But will I be there next year with a smile on my face and loving life? You bet.


Did the instructions say "do not exceed 25 pounds or 250 pounds?"

2.) I have to talk about one more piece of pop culture before I get to my sports thoughts of the weekend: facebook. I admit that its a necessary evil now, and that’s all i’m giving. I just don’t see the point in knowing what people are doing at any given time of day, and when you really get right down to it, it’s a webpage about nothing. It’s the Seinfeld of websites. There. Done and done. One final thought: First time I see someone put in the facebook status, “Taking a dump, then smoking weed and going to work” I’m out and not asking questions. (editor’s note: I looked high and low for an image of someone smoking a bong while dropping a deuce. None to be found, I know you’re all very disappointed.)

I think we can update my facebook status to "retarded" now.

I think we can update my facebook status to "retarded" now.


Who'd of ever guessed that 20 years later they'd all work at the same Blimpies in Gaysville, South Dakota?

3.) Thoughts on the Phillies: It’s still so early, but the Phils seem to be in a great place right now. Right now, I kind of feel like the Marlins and Braves and a lot like the cast of “Beverly Hills, 90210” (the original of course). They both are trying to masquerade as something they are not (90210 cast as actual high schoolers, Braves/Marlins as actual contenders), and we believe it to a point, but we know in our hearts it’s just not true. This weekend, I saw a few things I liked: 1.) Lidge’s save Sunday 2.) Ryan Howards continued hot streak 3.) A gem by Joe Blanton again 4.) A big relief effort by Moyer again, and 5.) A crowd Friday night that shattered the record for most nose pickers and crotch grabbers in attendance. Anyone else notice this?

4.) The Eagles are very, very scary right now. And I feel like I say this every year. But I see this season going one of two ways: A bad 4-12 team that ends up getting Reid fired and McNabb cut (whenever Joe Banner and Jeff Lurie both state in the off-season, “We have the best roster in the NFL” isn’t that clear?) or another solid 11-5/12-4 season that sees them advance far in the playoffs. I mean really, who is clearly better in the NFC? No one that I can see.




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