Dungy Unhappy With Vick’s Alcohol Consumption

24 08 2009

Peter King of SI.com has a quote from Tony Dungy , Michael Vick’s mentor following his release from prison, in his Monday Morning QB column. Dungy assisted Vick in his return to the NFL.  The quote is in reference to a recent New York Post report that Vick was spotted sipping on pineapple juice and Grey Goose at a hotel bar.

“Michael, you can’t do that.”
— Mentor Tony Dungy to Michael Vick

Says King, “Vick can have a drink; that does not violate any terms of his return to the NFL. But Dungy’s point was that Vick needs to be a saint as he gets back on the road to a life in football. He can’t give the media or the public any ammunition to suggest he isn’t doing everything he can to live a clean life and devote himself totally to football. Unfair? Yes. But until Roger Goodell green-lights Vick back into football, Vick has to be sure he doesn’t give anyone reason to doubt him.”

PCPTAKE: This isn’t exactly earth shattering news but everything Vick has done has caused a firestorm recently. You would think that if Dungy truly were Vick’s mentor, they would have had a discussion regarding the use of alcohol at some point. The fact of the matter is, most likely, that Dungy was ceremoniously named Vick’s “mentor” solely to put a well respected name in association with Vick. The two have probably had minimal contact.

I’d have to agree with King that Vick will have to refrain from any activity which may give the public any ammunition to suggest he has not reformed, no matter how unfair that may be. But, at the end of the day, consuming alcohol can cause people to make poor decisions based upon impaired judgement, not engage in cruel and inhumane acts over a sustained period of time. The two acts are entirely unrelated and people are just picking at sore wounds.




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