Eagles: Quick Hits

19 08 2009

by Michael DeLuca

Shawn Andrews flew to Los Angeles to have his back examined by renowned surgeon Dr. Robert Watkins. Watkins found no structural damage, saying the injury was just muscle related. Eagles head coach Andy Reid said there is no indication yet when Andrews will return to the team. “We really have to go off symptoms and what he’s feeling,” Reid said. Sounds to me like he’s “feeling” allergic to training camp and those symptoms will cease once it ends. Shouldn’t surprise anyone, he’s bitched and moaned about training camps since arriving in Philly. Adam Caplan says via twitter (I refuse to write twits…or tweets….or twats), “Good news on S. Andrews injury. Looks like he’ll do some limited work soon. Still, 50-50 to be ready for week one.”

Brent Celek is back from his shoulder sprain and is expected to participate in Thursday’s preseason game. Great new for the Birds but they should be keeping their eyes open for backup/replacement TE’s that shake loose as other team’s make their pre-season cuts.

Why do the names Tony Ugoh and Zach Miller always pop into my head when Kevin Kolb’s name is mentioned? Oh yeah, because they’re the two names (that stuck out to me) that were still on the board when the Eagles shocked the football world by drafting Donovan McNabb’s “heir apparent”. The best we could get in exchange for Kolb now, maybe Tony Scheffler and a 4th rounder…which would probably be a good deal for both sides.




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