The Latest On The Halladay Trade Talks

25 07 2009

by John Ryan

Several reports are swirling around the internet about the trade talks, but here is the latest information that is believed to be true, as told by several front office sources, and people who are familiar with the way the Phillies brass handles such situations:

– That several teams, including LA (NL), LA (AL), BOS, NYY, MIL, and TB remain interested on some level, but the Phillies are far and away the favorites to land the 32 year old RHP.
– That the Phillies are believed to have rejected a formal proposal from Thursday that would have included Kyle Drabek AND J.A. Happ. The Phillies are looking to include Carlos Carrasco en lieu of Happ.
– The other prospects believed to be discussed in the deal are Jason Donald (Marco Scutaro could be added to this deal), Lou Marson, Carrasco, and Michael Taylor. Jason Knapp is no longer of interest to the Blue Jays.
– That many baseball officials believe a deal is “imminent”
– That the teams are negotiating (possibly as I write this) into Saturday and moving closer to a deal. will continue to provide updates as they become available throughout the day.

PCP/JR TAKE : I believe this trade to still only have a 50% chance of completion. J.P. Ricchardi doesn’t sound confident, however he could just be trying to drive the price. The price can be construed as steep by the Phillies brass, but I believe it’s worth doing. I also believe Ruben Amaro Jr. would like to make a splash in his first year proceeding Pat Gillick but is being hampered by ownership group that sees this trade as only reducing profits and having no real inherent value going forward other than increasing the teams chances at winning. I’m not an economics major, but I see value, both financially (marketability, merchandising, branding) and with fan support.




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25 07 2009

PCP UPDATE: The Phillies are believed to have countered Toronto’s initial proposal. It is being reported that the counter proposal was Carlis Carrasco, Jason Donald, J.A. Happ, and Dominic Brown. More to follow as it becomes available.

25 07 2009

PCP Update: is now reporting that the Los Angeles Angels have intensified their efforts to acquire Halladay. The Phillies are still believed to be the front runners, and an official from Toronto believes that a package without Happ would work, but not one without Drabek. A trade is expected to take place by Tuesday but not this weekend.

26 07 2009

IF they can get him without both Drabek and Happ then it’s a done deal. I’d prefer they deal Happ because I think Drabek is gonna be very good and very soon.

26 07 2009

Yeah, I’d much rather deal Happ than Drabek but it seems Ricciardi is playing hardball. He’s already rebuffed LA unless they include Kershaw and won’t even listen to the Angels, who are offering Weaver. Also heard he told the Yanks he wouldn’t discuss a deal unless it included both Joba and Hughes. Can’t imagine he’d accept a package without Drabek under these circumstances. One thing that has now become obvious is that if the Phils really want Halladay, they will have to overpay. Even the package that they proposed (Carrasco, Donald, Happ, Brown) is overpaying. Don’t get me wrong, I’d do that one, but you can’t go too much deeper than that.

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