76ers Trade Scenarios

24 07 2009

by John Ryan

I know, I know. Roy Halladay-mania is dominating the headlines and there is not much else to care about as a Philly sports fan, right? While I’ll admit that the possible acquisition of a player of his caliber will be a huge windfall for a sports crazed city, there are still other sports stories going on in the tri-state area. One of which is the 76ers fading hopes for anything of substance in the 2009-2010 season. Have no fear. While your reading up on Roy Halladay’s stats, and how he’ll look in red and white pinstripes, everyone’s favorite rambler will delve into the ESPN NBA trade machine world to see whats-what with the 76ers trade prospects.  Away we go…..(Quick Disclaimer: most, if not all, of these will include Samuel Dalembert)

76ers acquire James Jones and Mark Blount for Samuel Dalembert.

Why this makes sense for both:

The 76ers rid themselves of Sammy D and get an expiring corpse (Blount) and an energy guy off the bench who i can be steamed at for the next 4 years. It helps Miami because it doesn’t screw up their summer of 2010 (they only have one current player on a deal longer than one year: Jones) and they get some size and athleticism.

76ers Trade Samuel Dalembert, Jason Smith and a 2nd round pick in 2010 for Jason Richardson.

Why this makes sense for both:

I’m not sure it does, but maybe. It saves Phoenix just under 2 million in the life of the trade and gives them a desperatly needed big, plus a project 4 who may or may not be able to play but can shoot long range and played decent as a rook. Also, don’t underestimate the Lopez Factor. Smith would be an odd buddy for Robin Lopez who may benefit from having another weird white guy on the roster to team with. Also opens up time for Barbosa. For the 76ers, they got the obvious: Sammy D off their hands, a proven shooter at the 2, and undoes the glut of 4’s they have on their roster.

76ers Trade Samuel Dalembert, Thaddeus Young, Willie Green and Jason Smith for Andrei Kirilinko and Ronnie Brewer.

Why this makes sense for both:

Again, it may not. Utah would save a bit of money if it didn’t bring Young back in the fold, but he would be re-signed. Then they would have PG – Williams SG – Green SF – Young PF- Boozer C – Okur. Thats not a bad lineup, but it may not be better than what they already have. They aren’t high of Kirilinko anymore, but do they think Young can take them up another notch, and is it worth losing one of the most under rated shooting guards in Brewer. It indicates they would slide back by 7 wins, but I don’t know if i agree. Young is already better than Kirilinko in my opinion, and is 7 years younger. The money they’d give him would replace Boozer next year, and he can still be tendered after this year for a cheap price. Missing Brewer would hurt, but they do have Kyle Korver who can start at the two and stretch defenses, or go with Green who I personally wouldn’t start against an 11 year old JV squad. The 76ers improve because Kirilinko can move to 4 or 5 and Brand plays the other and Brewer gives them great shooting (not from 3 point land, but 48.4 from anywhere he takes a deuce).

And that, my friends, sums it up. I tried virtually every team, and these are the only three where I could make a case. Not even a strong one, at that. It looks as if Sammy D will be here at least another year, but it’s fun to play around and see how you can re-shape a team going nowhere fast.




2 responses

24 07 2009
John Ryan

Also food for thought : Sammy D, Thad Young, Louie Williams, Willie Green, and Jason Smith for Erick Dampier, Josh Howard and JJ Barea. This would essentially be Young/Williams for Howard and Barea. Not sure how I feel yet about Barea, (slightly below league average, but has a nice TS% and is only 25 and plays PG) and I like Howard just not his hobbies pertaining to him not getting suspended (smoking weed). As for Thad Young, is he worth giving up on to get the SG we need so badly? Not sure. he could be a star, or he could be star-crossed. Comment, let me know what you think of this and the first three…..Remember, to get you have to give and the 76ers as currently constructed have to make a move. Something has to give……

24 07 2009
Michael DeLuca

First off, definitely not interested in trading Thad. Especially with the players you’ve suggested in return. Unless we get into Chris Paul trade talks, let’s keep his name off the table.

The Richardson idea has actually been rumored and discussed for quite a while now. Problem with this proposal is that you’re getting rid of our center and his backup in one shot. I don’t know if shifting Brand and Speights to center is this team’s current vision. I do like the idea of a package similar to this though.

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