Drabek Speaks!

22 07 2009

By  Mike Gill

Doug Drabeck

Doug Drabeck

Former Cy Young winner and father of Phillies “untouchable” prospect Dough Drabek was on 97.3 ESPN, The Sports Bash today, talking about his son and more.

Click here to listen to Doug Drabek on the Sports Bash on 97.3 ESPN FM

He mentions that he thinks that Kyle has a better fastball, and a better curve already then he ever had.  Doug was a pretty good pitcher, winning a Cy Young in 1990, overall he was 155-134 with a 3.73 ERA. 

If Kyle ends up with numbers similar to his dad and wins a Cy Young would you trade him for Roy Halladay?




One response

22 07 2009

I wouldn’t trade him! Are you crazy! Haha, if his dad is that good and says he already is better, dang… don’t trade him…. I would go with.. I am not sure who I would trade, but I want Halladay bad! How about Lopez? Rodrigo Lopez seems good, but not good enough to cut it?

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