Phillies Interested In Cy Young Winner

6 07 2009

by Michael DeLuca

A three time Cy Young winner to be exact. Unfortunately, the last one came in 2000. Earlier this year, the Philadelphia Phillies had “no interest” in Cooperstown bound starting pitcher Pedro 80312771ED004_NEW_YORK_YANKMartinez. Apparently, a stiff trade market has altered their interest level. As I discussed last week the team had internal discussions regarding Martinez and now, according to Todd Zolecki of, scouts for the team will travel to the Dominican Republic to watch the right handed former ace throw on Monday or Tuesday. Last season, with the New York Mets, Martinez went just 5-6 with an unimpressive 5.61 ERA. It is believed that the Rays are still considering Martinez as well.

It was reported that many teams lost interest in Martinez after a June workout in which he was fairly unimpressive and his fastball barely reached 85 mph. The best reports to come from that workout included “decent” and threw “reasonably well.”

PCPTAKE: Pass. Pedro has nothing left. The more exciting news of the day, in my opinion, comes from Blue Jay’s GM J.P. Ricciardi who was quoted as saying “We have to be open to anything. Obviously, if people have interest in Roy Halladay, they’d better realize there’s a steep price that’s going to come with it.” To quote a cinematic masterpiece, “So you’re telling me there’s a chance. Yeah!”




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6 07 2009

Just say NO to Pedro! I would have liked to have seen one of the young guys get a shot but I’d rather see Rodrigo Lopez remain with the team than bring this washed up scrub in. A decade ago, sure. Today, with 13 mph hour off his fastball, no thanks.

P.S. Halladay’s a pipe dream, never gonna happen.

6 07 2009

Michael Taylor, Carlos Carrasco, Lou Marson for Halladay. Looks like a steep price to me, but worthwhile. Chalk it up…CHAMPIONSHIP.

6 07 2009

Yeah just what we need, another geriatric soft tossing guy to go 4 or 5 innings a start.

7 07 2009

Pedro was throwing about the same speed 4 years ago but was still extremely effective and made it to the all-star game. The question if his control is still there, it wasn’t last year. He doesn’t have to be overpowering to get guys out.

7 07 2009

No to Pedro! The Phils don’t need another guy who can only go 5-7 innings at best. That would be putting even MORE pressure on an already taxed bullpen.

7 07 2009
Michael DeLuca

I’m with you John, Pedro would just be a left handed version of Moyer at best. Then again, even if he were to get paid what he’s seeking…he’d still cost less and be here for just a year. :-)

8 07 2009
Michael Gill

A five inning pitcher is no good…a six inning guy isnt so bad for a 5th guy, but a 7th inning guy is just what the doctor ordered…so if he can go 5-7 innings as John suggests, then it depends on which guy your getting, the 5-6-or-7 inning guy. I’ll pass though…give me Halladay…trade what ya must.

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