What Phillie are You Willing to Part With ?

28 05 2009

By Mike Gill

Could Carrasco be traded?

Could Carrasco be traded?

While we are still two months away from the trade deadline, names will begin to surface in trade talks now.  The question is, what players are you willing to move to get better now?

Go back in time about 10 years, remember the trade rumors that included names like Utley, Howard, Hamels and Floyd.  Everyone was ready and willing at the time to give away the Phillies stars of today to get better right away then.

Remember, Utley was going to San Fransisco for Barry Zito.  Ryan Howard was heading to Pittsburgh and Cole Hamels and Gavin Floyd’s names were mentioned in just about every deal.

Now the names we keep hearing in trade talks are Drabek, Marson, Donald, Carrasco and Savery.  So the question is, which of these guys are you willing to part with and what do you want in return.

Would you package the catcher of the future, Lou Marson and maybe Brett Myers replacement to get Jake Peavy? Or would you deal Kyle Drabek and Jason Donald just to get a innings eater like Jason Marquis?  How about Joe Savery, would you deal him away to get your hands on Eric Bedard? 

All tough questions.

The Phillies won the world series last season thanks in part to the patience they showed in not dealing away guys like Utley, Hamels and Howard.  To win it again, this season, they just might have to send away the stars of tomorrow to get some major league ready talent today.

The question is would you?




3 responses

29 05 2009
Michael DeLuca

No interest in Marquis and the idea of giving up Kyle Drabek and Jason Donald for him sickens me. They have some other nice trade chips you didn’t mention as well, we’re pretty stacked in the minors.

Peavy’s a nice pitcher and I’d love to get him but he’s not quite as good as most people think. His ERA on the road throughout his career is 3.84 vs. 2.79 at home. That’s a pretty telling stat and it’s no wonder he wants to stay in San Diego, at least until he’s a free agent after this season. If he were willing to waive the no trade clause I would be willing to give up the package that was previously discussed: Happ, Carrasco, Bastardo.

29 05 2009
Michael Gill

I agree I am not a MEGA Peavy fan, but the other deals I put together were more hypotheticals.

Vance Worley is another nice pitcher and yes, there are some others, the Phillies have a lot of talent at the lower levels, not quite MLB ready or even AAA ready right now.

So Duke…answer the question, trade the talent away or keep them for a run in 2012

29 05 2009
Michael DeLuca

First off, let me say I think the Phils should consider signing free agent pitcher Ben Sheets, who’s not too far off from a return to the mound.

As far as your question, it depends on the player you’re getting. Here are the players I’d trade…

Jason Donald – He’s already 25 and Utley and Rollins aren’t going anywhere. Unless the team would move and get good value for Rollins, trade Donald.

Carlos Carrasco – Despite a bad year thus far, he definitely has big time upside. If he needs to be the main chip in a deal for Peavy or a good young pitcher (Matt Cain), than do it.

Joe Savery – Not as high on him as many others, wouldn’t mind seeing him as a piece of a deal.

Guys I’d like to keep-

Antonio Bastardo – I really like this kid and think he might be major league ready right now.

Vance Worley – Might be the guy I’d least like to see go. Just 21 years old and dominating Double A.

Kyle Drabek – Loads of talent, don’t let him go anywhere.

Lou Marson – Good catchers are hard to find and despite some struggles at the plate this year, he’s going to be a good one. Fantastic defensively.

Michael Taylor – Don’t have a lot of outfielders I love in the lower levels so I’d like to hold on to this one.

Guys I’d want-

Matt Cain – I wonder if Carrasco, Donald, and another piece would get the job done. I’d do it.

Peavy – Carrasco, Bastardo, and Happ was the rumored deal floating around. Like Bastardo but I’d still do it. He’s still got two more years at reasonable numbers, considering what Sabathia just got.

Harang – Hasn’t been discussed as a trade chip yet but I like him and would give up some talent for him.

Erik Bedard – I worry about his attitude but not about his stuff.

(On a side note, remember how I begged and pleaded for the team to trade for Grienke while he was struggling a couple years ago. We wouldn’t even be having this discussion.)

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