Phils Shuffle Rotation

19 05 2009

by Michael DeLucamedium_phillies-happ

You could see it coming from a mile away but that doesn’t make it any less newsworthy. JA Happ has been inserted into the starting rotation and Chan Ho Park has been sent to the pen. The news shouldn’t come as a shock given Park’s most recent outing, Happ’s fantastic start to the season, and JC Romero’s impending return to the bullpen. With Romero’s return, the Phils would have had five left handers in the pen had Happ not become a starter. That was certainly not going to happen and the likelihood of the team keeping four, once Romero does return, is remote. Look for Escolona to return to the minors or Taschner to be waived at that point.

Happ will get his first start of the season on Saturday against the New York Yankees at the brand new Yankee Stadium. He was scheduled to start the night game of last Saturday’s day/night double header but was scratched after having to pitch in extra innings the previous night.




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