Meet Eagles Rookies Moise Fokou and Paul Fanaika

6 05 2009

By Mike Gill

Moise Fokou

Moise Fokou

I had a chance to chat with a couple of the newest Eagles, Linebacker Mosie Fokou and Offensive guard Paul Fanika.  Both guys may be long shots to make the team, but I think of the two, Fokou has a real good chance to make the team. 

Many scouting reports list Fokou as a terrific special teams player, something the Eagles always look for in a back-up player.  As for Fanika, he is a big kid, listed at 6-5 and 327 pounds, he had a good work ethic while at Arizona State and depending on what happens up from with Max Jean-Gillies, he just might have a shot to make the team or at the very least get sent to the practice squad.

Either way, take a listen to the interviews and meet the guys yourself.  Let me know what you think of two of the newest Eagles players.

Eagles Rookie Linebacker Moise Fokou

Eagles Rookie guard Paul Fanaika




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