Favre Pondering Another NFL Comeback?

30 04 2009

by John Ryan

He just couldn’t resist, could he? After retiring (again) this past winter from football, there is once again speculation (created by, of course, Favre himself) that Favre is indeed contemplating a return to the NFL.  The reason this all started is becuase Favre had his agent relay to the Jets that he insisted he be removed from their reserve/retired list.  My question is: WHY?  If your retired and plan to stay retired, why even bother?  Well, here’s where it all gets interesting.  Through a statement he released, this is what Favre had to say, “Nothing has changed. At this time I am retired and have no intention of returning to football.”  That sounds about as definitive as a weather man saying there’s a fifty percent chance of rain.  To end any speculation, he could have a.) not requested such a move (apparently weeks ago he insisted on the move) and b.) said, “I’m retired and I’m not coming back.”  But that wouldn’t be Favre’s me-first style.  He once again has gotten people who dislike him (me?) to talk about him. Truth is,. I have no problem with Favre on any kind of personal level, but I think he is as bad as a Chad Ocho Cinco.  He always wants the attention on himself, and is very much a self made martyr.




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30 04 2009

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