Why do we boo + Jayson Stark talks to PCP

10 04 2009

Do you really want to look like this guy?

Do you really want to look like this guy?

By Mike Gill

The 2008 Phillies did the most they could do, they won the World Series.  Philadelphia fans have yearned for a title, any title, from the Flyers, Sixers, Eagles or Phillies and finally they got one. 

Fast-forward to 2009 when the Phillies are playing as defending World Series champs and 17 minutes into the very first game we booed.  Adam Eaton introduced for being a part of the best team in baseball – we boo. 

Whats the point ?

Next time you think about booing, take a look around at the other idiots booing around you and then think to yourself – Do I really want to look like that guy???

Booing is the most immature form of showing how you feel about your team, guy makes a bad play or ump makes a bad call and all you can think to do is cup your hands over your mouth and form a word that doesn’t even exist – yeah that makes you look real intelligent.

So next time you dont like a play or a call and you have the urge to boo, look around at the boo-birds around you and think about what you might look like.

Jayson Stark from ESPN.COM took some time to talk to us about his new book, Philadelphia fans booing and the 2009 baseball season

ESPN.COM Sr. Baseball writer Jayson Stark talks to Mike Gill about the Phillies.




3 responses

10 04 2009

We boo to express displeasure and perhaps if we hadn’t booed Adam Eaton for the last two seasons he might still be blowing every fifth game for us while we give him a proper golf clap after giving another 9 run first inning to the Pittsburgh Pirates.

We boo the officials because maybe if we let them know how bad they f’d up, perhaps the next one goes our way.

And last but not least, we boo because we paid for the right to enter the park and make whatever stupid noises we find appropriate. And as for your article…BOO!

10 04 2009
Kevin Collins

Mike, I half agree with you and half don’t. I hate the idiots that boo every single close call that doesn’t go their way, or boo at player like Adam Eaton at a ring ceremony, or boo Pat Burrell because he isn’t hitting .370 with 50 hrs and 352 rbi’s.

I do, however, see booing as a way of motivating a player or a team. If it wasn’t for the fans, there we be no professional sports. If we can cheer to express our happiness, we should be able to do something to express our displeasure.

11 04 2009
Michael Gill

Oh I agree, but to physically boooooooo is just idiotic, its ok to give a verbal yell…like “Hey Howard you got to make that play” while sitting in your seat….hey we do need to let them know when they are not playing up to their abilities, but I think they know when they screw up and sometimes it more a hinderence then a help to make them aware.

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