Eagles Draft Talk

6 04 2009

By Mike Gill

Darrius Heyward-Bey, U of Maryland

With the NFL draft just 17 days away, draft talk is heating up and with the Jay Culter trade, coupled with the Giants releasing Plexico Burress rumors are flying about what will happen at the top of the draft. 

Earlier today, I had my weekly chat with draftcountdown.com president Scott Wright to talk more about what the Eagles might do, what the Broncos might do now after the trade of Cutler and what the Giants might do now that Burress is not going to be in Gotham this season.

Here are some of the questions I have for you draft fans out there.

1. If you are the Eagles, are you even interested in Heywad-Bey?
2. Robert Ayers seems to be coming on strong as of late, does that mean he is going to be a good NFL player right away?
3. Utah CB Sean Smith is a tweener, can the Eagles afford to take a project in the first round?
4. What running back do you like the best…Moreno, D. Brown, L. McCoy or Wells?
5. If Pettigrew is on the board at 21, do you take him or go after a pass catcher like Cook in the 2nd round?

Plenty of questions, they are all talked about in the podcast take a listen.

Click to listen to Scott tell Mike about the draft




One response

7 04 2009
Michael DeLuca

1. Not interested in Heyward-Bey, Crabtree’s worth moving up for, Harvin is worth taking if he falls to us.
2. No.
3. CB is not a need position and with two first round picks (if the Eagles are to keep both) TE, RB, WR, and OL should be the first priorities. Personally, I’d like to see a quality linebacker drafted as well, but the other spots are bigger needs.
4. I like Moreno best but he probably won’t fall to us. Well would be a nice selection. Not big on Brown.
5. If there’s no plan to trade for a veteran TE than Pettigrew has to be the pick at 21 if he’s still on the board.

My biggest fear in this draft is that the Eagles trade up to get a player that would have fallen to them anyway.

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