Trent Cole Sets Lofty Goals

5 04 2009

by Michael DeLuca

Trent Cole had a phenomenal 2008 season, despite the fact that he was not named to his second consecutive Pro Bowl. Nine sacks while facing consistent double teams is pretty impressive, not to mention Cole, himself, is largely responsible for the inflated numbers of some of his teammates by virtue of commanding those double teams.

But none of this is good enough for Trent. The Courier Post Online quotes Cole as saying “I do have some goals in mind — get my sacks into double digits, go to the Pro Bowl. Just try to be on top of my game.”

In regards to the double teams, Cole had this to say “I went out and called a lot of attention to myself. I see a lot of double teams. I was looking for it to come and it comes. It’s something you have to learn to cope with.”

The Eagles have been linked in trade rumors to the Carolina Panthers for star DE Julius Peppers, who would certainly take some pressure off of Cole on the opposite side. Darren Howard led the Birds with 10 sacks last season. The Eagles had 48 sacks as a team, good for third in the NFL!




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