Who Will the Eagles Draft…

23 03 2009










PCPSports recently talked to Scott Wright, president of www.draftcountdown.com, to talk about the Eagles draft. 


PCPTake: As mentioned in the Leonard Weaver article, I agree with what Wright had to say and his mock draft.  In his most recent mock draft, he has the Birds taking Brandon Pettigrew and 21 and Chris Wells at 28 (Though I am more of a Knowshon Moreno fan). 

Either way, I think the word is on the street, that the Eaglea are interested in grabbing a running back early in the draf to take some of the pressure off of Brian Westbrook. 

Who would you like to see the Eagles draft?




5 responses

25 03 2009
Michael DeLuca

I’d like to see them move up to six to grab Crabtree, then take Wells with their second pick. Moreno will probably be drafted around 15 and, though I like him, I don’t think he’s worth moving up for.

25 03 2009
Michael Gill

If they moved up to six to get Crabtree, they arent going to have a 2nd pick…21 and 28 arent going to get you into the top 6.

I like Scotts mock draft Pettigrew at 21 and Wells at 28

25 03 2009
Michael DeLuca

Actually 21 & 28 would be a value of 1460 points on the old trade value chart. Pick 6 is 1600 points. It’s believed many teams have lessened the gap between 1st round pick values considering the enormous guaranteed money that goes to the top players.

With so many picks I was hoping they could package up something like round 1 (#21), round 2 (#53), round 5 (#153), and Reggie Brown to move up. With the number of holes the Bengals need to fill, that would be a difficult package for them to reject. Not to mention it would alleviate the media headache that will come from drafting Andre Smith at 6, who would be considered just another in a long line of Cincinnati “problem child” draft selections.

25 03 2009
Michael Gill

Yeah, 1460 is short of 1600….that aint happening. and a 1, 2, and 5 plus Reggie “Knowbody wants” Brown isnt going to get it done either.

We are talking about getting the 6th pick in the draft, not Roy Williams here.

hey I am all for moving up to 6, but this deal isnt going to get it done.

25 03 2009
Michael DeLuca

Again, teams up top have been desperately trying to move down in recent years. Miami couldn’t give away the #1 pick last year and Detroit’s probably going through the same thing this year. Drafting a player in the top 10 is a 50/50 proposition at best and most team’s don’t want to throw out a $50 million contract on a coin toss.

Anyhow, if you want to be super technical about the draft point chart, profootballtalk.com proposed a new chart which they believe is closer to what team’s are actually using now. The value of pick 6 would be 1635 points. The value of #21 would be 945. The value of #28 would be 770. That’s a total of 1715, so it probably would get the job done.

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