Former Eagles RB Correll Bongwater…err Buckhalter

19 03 2009

by Michael DeLucabuckhalter

According to recent court testimony, former Philadelphia Eagles RB Corell Buckhalter purchased 3 to 6 vials of a high potency marijuana called “kush” every two to three weeks that the Eagles were in town and sometimes more “when there was a special function.”  Hmm…where to start?

  1. Do wealthy people always get their pot in vials?
  2. Hasn’t anybody realized the dangers associated with becoming a Denver Broncos running back.
  • Maurice Clarett – Aggravated robbery, high speed highway police chase, small arsenal of post appocolyptic firearms, big fat prison sentence.  (BTW, can somebody please explain to me when robbery isn’t aggravating?  Is there a lesser charge of convenient and or pleasurable robbery?)
  • Travis Henry – Arrested in a DEA sting for intentionally conspiring to distribute and possess with intent to distribute cocaine.  Has also fathered 47 children with 46 different women (the worst part is I’m only slightly exxagerating).
  • Tatum Bell – Grand Theft Luggage

Anyhow, I’ll stop there because I think I made my point.  Buchalter spent “virtually” eight squeeky clean (media wise) seasons as a member of the Philadelphia Eagles and just one month after signing with the Denver Broncos these allegations begin.  Good luck with the next four years Correll.




2 responses

18 11 2011
Sunken Treasure

Thank goodness some bloggers can write. My thanks for this piece of writing!!!

24 11 2011
extractores de cocina

This makes great sense to me!!

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