Fantasy Baseball: To Punt Or Not To Punt

19 03 2009

by Michael DeLucafantasy-baseball

So it’s time for your fantasy baseball draft.  I’ll be posting some quick tips for fantasy drafts throughout the next week or so and on Saturday will be posting my Ultimate Fantasy ADP, a must have resource for any fantasy draft.

For now, I’m going to focus on a what has been a hot topic for fantasy pundits for many years now, whether or not you should enter the draft with the intention of punting a specific category.  What this means, in a nutshell, is that in a head to head league you draft with a focus on tanking a specific scoring category to gain an advantage in all other categories. 

Punting can be a key to success in many leagues but, as I learned the hard way, can only be a successful strategy in leagues that have more than 7 scoring categories for the position.  For example, if for pitchers you have only 5 scoring categories (Wins, ERA, WHIP, K’s, and Saves), DON’T punt saves!

On the flip side of the argument, if you are in a more sophisticated league with advanced scoring options, I am a huge advocate of punting on certain categories.  Some stats go hand in hand (home runs/rbi’s, stolen bases/runs, hits/batting avg, walks/whip) so these are not the categories in which punting is a good idea.  However, categories like saves, extra base hits, holds, sacrifice flys (yes that is a category in one of my leagues) are great categories to punt.  Just to clarify though, if you plan on using this strategy, select only one category to punt for position players and one for pitchers.




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