The only WR to catch a TD in the Super Bowl is Gone!

5 03 2009

By Mike Gill

The Eagles have just stolen a fifth round pick from the Patriots.  According to reports, the Eagles have traded wide receiver Greg Lewis, the only Eagle wide out to catch a touchdown pass in the Super Bowl, for a fifth round draft choice in this years draft.  That gives the Eagles 12 picks in the draft, including three, fifth round picks.

The question is, what are they trying to do here?

Stockpile draft picks to make a bigger move on draft day?

Clear out wide reciever space on the roster to bring in a better options? 

Win an award for most fifth round picks in the draft?

Whatever the reason is, they have made two decent trades, getting rid of two guys who didn’t help a little bit, Lito Sheppard and Greg Lewis.  While Lewis was not a popular player with the fans, for some reason, the coaching stuff was always willing to plug him in when needed. They coaches always said he played special teams, yet it never seemed that he was applauded around the league for his special teams play.  How the Eagles baited the Eagles into taking him off their hands blows my mind, but hey Lewis is gone and I will take it.




3 responses

5 03 2009
John Leon

With all the draft picks they have, they had BETTER make a good move. There is some quality that can help right away but I’ll believe it when I see it. I’d like to see them package some picks and actually move up or gain another first rounder.

6 03 2009
Michael DeLuca

Let’s hope they’re moving up for Crabtree. Good riddance to G-Lew, I’ve been waiting on his departure for the last 27 years. Feels like it’s been at least that long.

6 03 2009
Michael Gill

They are def. trying to move up in the draft, they have 12 picks, and 10 of them are in the 5th round or higher.

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