Another Phillies Player Avoids Arbitration

20 01 2009

Victorino gets a 1-year deal

Victorino gets a 1-year deal

By Mike Gill

According to, the Phillies have avoided arbirtation with outfielder Shane Victorino. 

The two-sides agreed on a one-year deal, the terms of the deal were not announced.  This is another good move by the Phils, first locking up Greg Dobbs, then Cole Hamels, then Ryan Madson and now Vicotrinio. 

The only think one has to wonder is, what is Ryan Howard thinking?  We all know the Phillies arent prepared to throw that long term deal at Howard, but I wonder if they Phillies have even thought about giving him a 3-year deal at this point.  Either way, I doubt Howard would take the home-town discount that Utley, Rollins and Hamels have all taken to stay in Philly.

Victorinio is a key to the Phils though, he plays with heart and emotion and is a catalyst for this team.  Even though I would like to have seen him sign a long-term deal, just knowhing he is back and has a chance to again prove he is an everyday player doesnt hurt.  I can see an scenario where Victorinio is signed long-term at the mid-season if he gets off to a good start. 

Either way, I think all parties are happy and one-by-one the Phillies are chopping down that arbitration list.

UPDATE : The deal is a 1-year, $3.125 million deal. Victorino has avoided arbitration and made $350,000 last season.




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27 01 2009
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