I Got the Burrell Blues

7 01 2009

Burrell will be missed by many in the City of Philadelphia.  He is now a Tampa Bay Ray.

Burrell will be missed by many in the City of Philadelphia. He is now a Tampa Bay Ray.

By Joe Mitchell

I’ll miss Pat Burrell. He was a Phillie.

He was a guy like Tony Taylor or Bob Boone. Not a great player. But a good solid player. And he was ours.

Plus Pat didn’t complain. He wasn’t always treated well by the fans, but he seemed to think they were entitled to their opinions.

And he always appeared to like being here. He lived in the city and was often seen around town. Not like Scott Rolen, or the guy drafted number 1 the year before him, J.D. Drew.

We all understand the economics of sports. We may not like it, but we understand it.

It was obvious that Pat was probably moving on. Maybe this would be his chance to cash in on free agency. Who could blame him?

That’s why Pat’s final swing as a Philly was so sweet. Any other day of the year and that ball in game 5 was way way out. As it was, it led to the World Series winning run.

Way to go Pat.

That swing is one of my three memories of Pat Burrell.

The second is not as good. It is a picture frozen in my mind because I have seen it so many times. Pat is at bat, with the bat held high over his head. He is standing on his toes because he has just skipped his feet back about five or six inches to avoid being hit by the inside pitch. BUT the pitch breaks over the center of the plate for strike three. That explains the peculiar look on Pat’s face.

The third memory is the best. It is Halloween 2008 and I am crammed with my family among a crowd crammed against City Hall in Philadelphia. Our long 28 year wait for the Phillies championship parade is about to be satisfied. The first float I think carried the Phanatic.

Then horses. A horse drawn beer wagon carrying Pat. Pat Burrell leads the parade with the best seat in the house. He earned it. He deserved it.

I was at the Vet when Pat Burrell played his first game in Philadelphia. And now I was here for the end of his long Phillie journey. I can’t help thinking “Good for him.”

I’ll miss you Pat. And thanks a lot.




3 responses

8 01 2009
Brian C

Mitchell – you are right on…the expectations for Pat were so incredibly high from the beginning because of the way things turned out with Rolen and Drew. Phils fans will be happy to know though that they have a great replacement in left with former Mariners star Raul Ibanez. He’s a stud and clutch hitter…but like Pat, they will need a defensive sub late in the game. As a Mariners fan, I had the pleasure of watching Raul at Safeco field and to feel the electricty of the stadium when they played “Rauuuuuuul” to the tune of Warren Zevon’s hit “Warewolves of London.” I hope they bring that to Citizens Bank Park.

9 01 2009

At just 2 years and $16 million, the Phils made a mistake not bringing Pat back. Even once Ibanez was in the fold (who judging by the market got overpaid).

9 01 2009
PA Realtor

Pat the bat!!! We will miss him for sure. Although he had batting struggles in the past, he’s leaving at the top of his game, and cashing in. Good for him. Great Season & Good Luck!

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