Its the Hall of Not So Good With This Year’s Class

1 12 2008

By Mike Gill

When I think of the baseball Hall of Fame, I think of names like Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, “Joltin” Joe DiMaggio, Mike Schmidt and Willie Mays.  These are names that really jump off the page.  These are names that when you think of a great player, these are the first few that come to mind.

Fast forward to this year’s class and its kind of sad that the most interesting discussion might be whether or not Bert Blyleven belongs in or not.  The Hall of Fame is not hall of very good or even hall of great, its Hall of Fame.  The fact that names like Jay Bell, Ron Gant, Dan Plesac, Greg and Mo Vaughn, and Jesse Orosco even made the ballot is sad.

Here is the full list and my thoughts:

The 23 players on this year’s Hall of Fame ballot:

• Harold Baines – Nice DH, not even close to a HOF’er
• Jay Bell – Disgrace that he is on this list
• Bert Blyleven – I still don’t think his name rings HOF, but I think he might get in
• David Cone – Sorry, not quite a HOF’er
• Andre Dawson – Hawk belongs in
• Ron Gant – Worse then Jay Bell
• Mark Grace – This is a joke I think
• Rickey Henderson – First ballot, no question
• Tommy John – I’d put him in for his surgery, not his pitching
• Don Mattingly – Donny Baseball, not Donny Hall of Famer
• Mark McGwire – Without his 70 HR season is he even mentioned?
• Jack Morris – Big game Jack, falls short of what I think a HOF’er is
• Dale Murphy – No. Nice guy, not a HOF’er
• Jesse Orosco – Journeymen aren’t HOF’er
• Dave Parker – Very good player, not a HOF player
• Dan Plesac – See Jesse Orosco
• Tim Raines – Poor man’s Rickey Henderson
• Jim Rice – He is the Bert Blyleven of the position players
• Lee Smith – You can convince me on this one, but I say he is out
• Alan Trammell – Hall of very good is down the street
• Greg Vaughn – Are you kidding me
• Mo Vaughn – Wow…this has got to be a joke
• Matt Williams – Hall of very good with Trammell for Willilams

As you can see, these guys are good players who had real solid careers but other then Henderson, there are no slam dunks here.




10 responses

1 12 2008

Mark Grace is a PIG for his announcing during the world series. He had an obvious anti-Philly agenda. (And he is not even close to a hof’er.)

1 12 2008

Agree with you on them all.

1 12 2008
Aaron Bracy

Mike: Good work by you. What happens with McGwire will be the most interesting thing about this class. -Aaron

2 12 2008
Anthony S.

Henderson, Dawson, McGwire are the no doubters. Though we’ll see what direction the voters head with McGwire on the steroids.

Dale Murphy and Lee Smith are very deserving and should get in.

2 12 2008
Michael DeLuca

I’ve got a real problem with the MLB Hall of Fame. First off, too many good but not great players get in, but that’s not my biggest gripe.

I don’t exactly understand how the whole system works but what I do know is that players are elgible for a certain number of years. Goose Gossage, I believe, was voted in during his last year of eligibility. This is the last year of eligibility for Jim Rice and it is assumed he will be voted in as a result.

By voting in players only because it is their last year of eligibility, it creates a mathematical conundrum concerning more deserving players. Though it will take some time to develop, the forcing of these more deserving players into future years of voting will eventually create a bottleneck in which some of the more deserving players are left in the cold. In addition, it would be to a players’ advantage to not have his last year of eligibility coincide with a year that there are a lot of first ballot HOF’ers.

There may be somthing I’m missing here, so if there’s anybody out there that I didn’t just confuse the hell out of, I’d lover your input.

2 12 2008
Tom Peters

My picks would be Henderson, Rice & Blyleven. If he had any offense backing him up in the LATE 60’S, he’d be a 310-game winner. If he doesn’t get in, the people like Smoltz & Mussina have no business being in. The man is 4th all time in K’s won 287 games on terrible Twins teams. How do you go 13-11 with an ERA in the low 2’s.

McGwire is a Hall of Famer, but we’re not here to talk about the past.

3 12 2008

mcgwire is a one trick pony

7 12 2008
John Leon

Henderson, Rice, Blyleven, Smith, Dawson – Yes
Morris – Next year maybe, clutch pitcher in big games

7 12 2008
Tom Peters

Morris isn’t a Hall of Famer. While he was clutch in 2 World Series, his whole body of work is not a good as some other who have yet to get in the Hall of Fame.

Who are the first timers for next year anyway.

7 12 2008
Tom Peters

I’m also unsure of Lee Smith. Was Lee Smith more dominant than Goose Gossage? If the answer is yes, then he’s in. If the answer is no, than he’s not in. It took Goose a long time to get in.

The only two frist time Hall of Famers in my mind are Rivera and Hoffman.

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