Week 13 Sewey Picks

26 11 2008

As promised, heres an updated list of everyones picky-poos.  Most good teams are gone, but some still have a few tricks up their sleeves.  Good luck henceforth, and someone please win!!!!!!! Oh yea, Happy Holidays! jamie – Dal (Balt, Den, Sea, Arz, BUFF, NO, Minny, TB, Chi, Mia, Car, Pitt)

JP – Balt (Phi, Dal, BUFF, SD, NE, NYG, Indy, TB, Arz, NYJ, Car, Chi)

Carol – Dal (NYJ, Car, NYG, SD, Phi, TB, Indy, Pitt, Chi, Jax, Mia, BUFF)

Mellons -Tenn (NYJ, Hou, Minny, Arz, NE, SD, BUFF, Dal, Phi, Car, Mia, Pitt)

Moose – Dal (Bal, Car, BUFF, Phi, NYG, NYJ, NE, Pitt, TB, Jax, Mia, Chi)




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